Blog Spotlight – The Musings of a Misfit

Posted: 28/06/2011 in Blogs
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Oh! Look at the shiny light

So an idea I had on my old blog was to, once a week cast a gaze over at someone else’s blog. Obviously I gave up on the blog but here I go again. The blog can be about anything really, and this is something I intend to do every week. Each week, it’ll be a mini post with a link to the blog and a slight blurb about it, nothing too fancy as I don’t want to enjoy your reading of their piece of work. Let’s get cracking!

The Musings of a Misfit

“The Musings of a Misfit” is a blog post that has recently been restarted up after a hiatus. If you are interested in someone with strong opinions, and a great voice and typing style to carry those opinions then I strongly recommend you check this one out.

 You can also follow the creator of this blog post on Twitter – @palmetto_rose


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