Time to Reboot Myself in WoW?

Posted: 08/07/2011 in World of Warcraft
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Firstly can I just apologize for the following blog. It’s a complete ramble but something I’ve been mulling over for sometime. Also I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the writing in this post basically, well, it sucks. 🙂

This is something I have toyed with over and over again. Could rebooting myself in World of Warcraft grip me as well as my old character? Let me explain.

Guillin has been my main since 2006. He started life as an undead mage, before making the switch to the alliance in the summer of last year. At the moment however I do feel that the mage is stagnant to me. That’s not say that the mage class itself is stagnant, far from it, I think it’s a very well-built class at this moment in time, but for me I think playing it for so long as my main has made me look at other options.

I’m currently in the process of levelling at holy priest, and whilst this is fun, it doesn’t feel like the reboot I might be after. He is decked in heirlooms so everything feels like a breeze as he levels up in dungeons. I could have levelled him without heirlooms but I still don’t think it would’ve felt like anything new and fancy. See I already have an 85 priest and thought that if I levelled one up from the beginning again I could get to grips better with their healing, and to the most part this is true. However, whilst I am currently enjoying the priest there is this nagging sound in the back of my mind that is still telling me “make a class/spec you know nothing about”. At the moment that voice is leading me one way, into the feared world of tanking. A protection warrior could be interested but I’m more swayed by the thought of a protection paladin, mainly for the versatility. The option to heal when needed appeals to me, but selecting a new character is the easy part.

The hardest part is the mental part. Yes sure it’s only a game and blah blah blah, but when you’ve played a character for as long as I have, you get attached, but it’s not just that. Whenever I start an alt I always think “oh my main has this, that and the other. He has done this, he has done that” and it always gravitates me back to him. What I need to do is say “Look if you want to try this, do it properly!”, from now on focus on the new character and treat the mage as a glorified AH mule.

I pretty sure with some self-determination I could pull it off, but the question is, how clean a clean start do i want? For starters the new character would be on my current server, Arathor EU. The main reason for this is that my other half is on the server and I couldn’t leave her (oh hai violins!). The other things to consider would be do I want to give him a head start with gold and bags? Or do I want him to stumble through on his own? Would throwing him 100g and 4 Embersilk bags be cheating this reboot or would be just a small helping hand for the little guy?

Next would be professions. Mining and Blacksmithing would be the obvious choice, but I’ve never had an engineer, so that wouldn’t be a bad idea and I think could be quite interesting. Obviously I would pick up all the secondary professions too, yes, even Archeology (oh look! There’s a bridge).

Anyway, this post was more a “brain fart” then anything else. Getting out some random thoughts and ideas about what is going on in my head about my current time in World of Warcraft.

Thank you all for reading

  1. Psynister says:

    I’ve done a WoW reboot a few times. Went from Frost Mage to Prot Pally, back to Mage, then to DK, then Balance Druid, Prot Pally, Aff Warlock, then Shadow Priest. Now I’m kind of floating around trying to figure out what the crap I want to do.

    I don’t necessarily need a reboot so much, being an altoholic, but I don’t know who my chosen main is really going to be right now. I can fall in love with a class, and it can last for a day or it can last for a year, I never know.

    Good luck in finding your’s.

    • guillinuk says:

      Thank you, and i was briefly in that situation myself. I got a druid to level 70 in TBC, and almost switch him to my main, had to emergency heal once in Black Temple and thought “I could get used to this” but nothing ever came about and I lost interest.

  2. Skandhasattva says:

    I feel your struggle. I started playing WoW back in 2006 as well and leveled up all but a shaman and a warrior to 85. I always gravitated towards my prot pally becuase I love to tank. Over the last year or so I started losing my feel for the game. Didn’t know what I wanted out of it or what toon to play. Having too many to choose from was always a downfall for me. When Cata dropped and the game seemed to become more guild driven I stopped playing. I’m kind of a loner and don’t have the hours to dedicate to a guild or a raiding schedule anymore. I miss playing an mmo. Stand alone games don’t do it for me. What I loved about WoW was the lore and how you felt such a part of the world. When Rift came out I thought it was going to be my savior but it wasn’t. It is a great game and the dynamics are cool and all but, in my opinion, it’s still lacking the lore and although the community is great I didn’t feel the same way about being connected to the world like I did in WoW. So now I am playing nothing at the moment and I miss playing. I’ve thought about going back to wow but feel like I just want to start fresh. Reboot as you said. But can I? Like you also said, I am always drawn to go back to playing a toon I already have. I hook up a new alt with bags, gold, heirlooms, etc but it feels just like that, an alt. A spoiled little one as well. I just recently got a free 7 day invite from wow and am thinking about taking advantage of it. But like I said, what to play. I almost want to go and just delete all my other toons I have before starting one and just starting completely over from scratch. It’s not like I play them anymore anyways and it’s been months since I have even logged on. Well, now that I am rambling on I will stop. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in the struggle. Keep me posted on how you make out. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Psynister says:

    You could always delete the main you’ve been on for a while to force yourself into a reboot. You can get them restored later on if you just really can’t stand to lose them forever, but deleting them now removes that temptation.

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