Google Plus? Yay or Nay?

Posted: 09/07/2011 in Social Media

Do I think Google+ can take on Facebook?

 This is just a very brief post on my quick and initial impression of Google+, the new social networking tool that I’m sure hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone.

 So a few days ago, I finally managed to get into the supposed next big thing on the internet, Google Plus. Having heard all the hype about how this is a very strong challenger from the “Big G” certainly got my interest. If anyone knows me, it’s not big secret that I like most things that Google release. I use Chrome as my web browser, regularly use YouTube, Google Docs, Maps, Earth, Calendar, Contacts, Checkout etc etc, you name it. Oh yes and of course Android. So when I heard that they were releasing something that was gaining traction already, two thoughts entered my mind

1) Is this going to be another flop like Google Buzz was?

2) Just how successful COULD it be?

I have to say after playing with it for a few days, my honest opinion is that it has real potential. It’s extremely polished, and I have to say that right now I am totally digging it. So what is it? I won’t go into all the technical stuff, but if I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s “Facebook without all the crap and with more control of who sees your posts”

There’s no stupid games in it, and the circles ones you get used to them are absolutely brilliant. The circles are basically groups with which you assign certain people and when you have made a post on Google+ who can choose which of the circles can see it. It’s an extremely nice feature. The one thing I would like Google to implement though is when someone adds you to one of their circles, if the person adding could have the option to send a little message “Hi this is X and you know me from Y”, it would be very useful.

Is there anything else I like about Google+? Yes, like Twitter it seems to have nailed the “real-time streaming” on the head, it’s extremely fluid.

So do i think that Google+ can take on Facebook and Twitter? Whilst I can’t see Google+ taking over Facebook anytime soon, I can certainly see the executives at Facebook thinking “hang on, we’ve got genuine competition now”. Do I think it will overtake Twitter? No, and here is why. Twitter too me has its own niche in the world. It’s social networking but doesn’t aim to do what Facebook or Google+ does. It can quite happily sit there coexisting with the others. It’ll be a straight dogfight between Facebook and Google+, and as other companies will testify (Apple, Microsoft, Garmin etc), they aren’t afraid to take the big boys on.

Providing Google don’t go down the Facebook route of having game plug in’s and the like, I think that they may have finally arrived in the social networking scene with Google+


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