Lets Write! … (Ramble Time!)

Posted: 12/08/2011 in Personal
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Just as a warning, this post is completely me rambling and so will probably not be of a high quality. The good news is that no fluffy kittens was harmed in the writing of this.

Blogging is a weird kettle of fish for me. It’s something that I always envisage myself doing. It takes me a while to start writing but when I get going I can keep going easily for 1k or 2k words. My main problem is what to write about. For some people who can write brilliantly about various games, others can write brilliantly about themselves. Me? I quite often find myself sitting in front of my netbook, fingers on keyboard and just thinking “what the hell do I say?”

 I try to take my advice. When people on Twitter say “Am I blogging too much” or “What if people don’t like what I have to say” or “what if people find what I write about too boring. I always say to them that you should write about whatever you like, however many times a day/week you’d like and that you should always write as if you were writing for yourself and nobody else. If people like what you say that’s great, if people don’t well that’s tough. Despite this I still find myself with a blank mind sometimes, I have ideas but I must admit that I have a pretty low opinion of my writing and it’s not that I’m not happy that people wont find interesting what I write. It’s that I personally sometimes am not satisfied with what I write.

 Despite this, I think I’m going to give it a go. I haven’t written since the beginning of July and well I do think that it is time to start again. I do have ideas, it’s whether or not I have the will or the commitment to carry them out. I guess time will tell.

  1. Skandhasattva says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I always think about writing during the day but when I get home and get down to it I find myself in a slump. The same things rush through my mind. Should I write this, will people like it, does it sound right, etc. I can’t begin too tell you how many unpublished drafts I have sitting in my blog line up just screaming out for me to publish them. Between that and wanting to try to vlog a bit I seriously drive myself nutty. Paralysis by analysis is my biggest downfall. Wish I had some encouraging words of advice for you, but unfortunately I dont. All I can really say is that if you truly enjoy writing then just do it. Just start typing what comes to mind and put it out there. Well, that’s my two cents lol. Good luck and if it helps at all I do enjoy reading your posts. Enjoy your day. 🙂

  2. Nochecazador says:

    One thing I am doing is participating in the WordPress post a week idea they have going on this year. Each day they present an idea to write about or even a theme for a picture. I don’t always do each one, but I to have a bank of them for when I just want to get going g on something.

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