Little Things WoW Could Ninja From RIFT?

Posted: 20/08/2011 in World of Warcraft
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With the exception of those who have been living under a rock many people would have at least heard of a game called “RIFT”. It’s done quite well for itself and had one of the most polished starts to an MMO that many people can remember. Now before I start I must say that this isn’t going to be a post about gameplay (well there is one tiny aspect in this but it’ll make sense when I talk about it), this is a post about 3 little things that I thought would be nice implementations into the game.

Inbuilt Social Networking

I know many people will disagree with this, as it doesn’t add anything to the game really or does it? When I picked up RIFT again about two weeks ago I didn’t know a soul on the “shard” I was playing on and it didn’t feel right jumping into a guild whilst I was still deciding about the game. Would I carry on playing? And even if I did, what type of RIFT player did I want to be? What I did find was that by having the Twitter stream running in-game, I saw names I recognised and whilst most of them had nothing to do the game I was playing at that time, I still found the familiarity to be comforting.

I think that WoW could have the same thing going for it, but with very noticeable changes. There would have to be NO option to auto-tweet achievements. These can be very annoying and even when I’ve disabled the option I still find that sometimes the game will still auto-tweet from my character. The other thing is that whilst the timeline is nice, occasionally it is distracting so there would have to be an option to turn the timeline off whilst still being logged into your account and therefore still able to tweet.

This one had nothing to do with the game itself but I do believe that implemented right it could be a very good addition.

Ability to change server settings from EU to US and vise-versa without having to adjust the file.

Anyone who has ever had both an EU and US account or those who have wanted to play with friends on the other side of the pond will know how frustrating this is. To be able to play on the other set of servers you need a new account and then you need to adjust the file so that the game will see the server list of one or the other.

In RIFT your account is valid for both EU and US servers AND you can freely log in to either continents servers by simply changing the setting on the launcher. It’s as simple as that. This would be a great thing to add in my opinion. I can’t see Blizzard ever allowing just one account for both sides of the waters but I think being able to change to a different realm list from the launcher would be brilliant.

AoE Looting

Personally I’m surprised that this hasn’t been already implemented into WoW. What happens is that if you’ve killed a group of mobs and they all die pretty close to each other, you only have to loot one corpse to get all the loot from all those mobs. Imagine the time it would save if you were AoE grinding, or soloing dungeons to be able to kill a bunch of mobs and then loot them with one click? Personally I think it would be absolutely fantastic!


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