Sell, Sell, Sell!

Posted: 02/11/2011 in Personal
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 So for a while now I’ve been thinking of shifting some of my old stuff, whether that’s my old CD’s, DVD’s or even hardware, I had a little spurt with it at the beginning of the year, however due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve never really got back to it. Now my financial situation hasn’t changed but I’m both looking to the future and looking around thinking “do I really need some of this crap?”, so I’ve decided to get back to selling stuff.

Due to a couple of bad experiences in the past I refuse to use Ebay, so that left me looking at other options. The first place I went to, was one that is heavily advertised at the moment, “Music Magpie”. They buy your old CD’s/DVD’s and Games, much the same way that Mazuma buys mobile phones. So I went there, typed in a few bar codes, and was quite surprised to see the majority of them shifting for just £0.30, yes 30 PENCE. Now whilst I was only expecting to get between £0.50 and £1.00 I thought £0.30 was way too low so I went and did some research on the company. Have you ever placed something on the Amazon Marketplace or on Playtrade, only to be undercut by a penny by someone called “zoverstock”? Well if you have then that is Music Magpie. Anyway! After realising I would only get a pittance for them I turned to the Amazon Marketplace, and low and behold, in the first 24 hours I have already sold two DVD’s for £0.54 and £1.24p respectively. Now that isn’t much but for common DVD’s you don’t really expect it to be.

I have a few more things to sell, physical goods like a desk, and old speakers/consoles/monitors etc, I’m going to try to sell on a website called “Gumtree”. For those in the United States it apparently works the same way as Craigslist.

Next we come to mobile phones. As you would have seen in a previous blog. I am getting rid of my Samsung Galaxy S2 and returning to Blackberry.  At first I was going to sell straight to Mazuma but I’ve found another mobile phone selling firm that will give me £39 more for it, but before that I might try my hand at selling it on Amazon as I might be able to get even more. Having already shifted an old HTC Wildfire for £54 to Mazuma I wish I would’ve looked around first as I now know that I could have easily got £60 for it.

I figured that, although I like having all this stuff, 9 times out of 10 it is nothing but clutter and I may as well get rid of it than hold it and let it gather dust. I’m also looking into the future about this and the extra money will come in useful and also it might get to a stage where it’s time to move my roots and well, clearing the decks now would be much better then heaving the decks around sometime in the future 🙂

  1. Sy says:

    I have also check Zoverstocks out and have found that they pay 30p for a DVD or CD and then sell it for 1p on Amazon. So they lost money so not sure how you can make more by selling them your self.

    • guillinuk says:

      Its a case of picking and choosing what to sell. You’re right, the 1p ones give you about 24p when you take into account Amazon’s postage reimbursement.

      Basically you have to pick ones that are higher then that, unfortunately if Zoverstock have the same item for sale, they will lock themselves in 1p lower price way.

      Its all about making the right choice about what to sell on there really.

  2. James says:

    After Amazons fees, for both items you will receive £1.95. You then have to post them, so you’ll have to buy 2 x Large Letter stamps @ 58p each, and 2x jiffy bags at approx. 20p each.

    To sum up:
    £1.95 after fees
    minus 2 x 58p (£1.16)
    minus 2 x 20p (40p)
    = 39p profit for both items.

    From musicMagpie you could have made 30p each, total 60p, making musicMagpie the more profitable option, and you wouldn’t have had to go to all the trouble of listing on Amazon etc.

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