World of Warcraft @ Blizzcon – My Thoughts (Part III)

Posted: 03/11/2011 in World of Warcraft
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Part III you poor souls!

Class Talent System Panel

Out of all of the World of Warcraft panels that were held, this is probably the one that got the most of interest. If you recall the last time they tried to “revamp” the talent system, it didn’t really work out the way they planned. Whilst a vast number of the player base said “er, you’ve left us with fewer choices and even more cookie cutter builds”, Blizzard did the usual ostrich thing and said “no we didn’t, everything is fine”. Well now they have virtually admitted that they in fact did this, and so they have announced “Talents 2.0”. What does this mean? Well basically, take everything you have every learnt about the talent tree in World of Warcraft, curl it up into a little ball, throw it onto the closest bonfire, and just watch it burn. They have completely tore apart the old book and wrote a completely new one.

From level 1-90 you will get 6 .. yes SIX .. talent points. One at level 15, one at 30, one at 45, one at 60, one at 75 and the final one at 90. The aim is to get rid of “cookie cutter builds”, now we’ve heard this time and time again but this time there’s a chance they could do it. You’re basic spells like living bomb if you are a mage will be a normal base ability. So what will the talent tree do then? Well my young apprentice it will improve on current abilities, or give you a completely new way to crowd control for example. I’m not going to delve into each classes new talent trees, as these people have done a fantastic job already. (Also bear in mind that the talents discussed here could, and most likely will change before Mists of Pandaria goes live.

Death Knight










After this there were various Q&A panels which i’m not going to go into. They consist of your usual portion of some very good questions mixed in with a lot of dumbass questions that makes you think “THIS HAS BEEN ASKED EVERY WEEK FOR GOD KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS. YOU HAVE THE INTERNET, YOU HAVE GOOGLE. USE THEM!”

So what’s my final conslusion from what I heard from Blizzcon. Well, in my opinion Blizzard knew that this would be make or break for them. They knew that they could no longer rest on their laurels like they have been. They could no longer go “oh we can be half hearted or not put our best team on this as the players will still play it”. They wont!

With Cataclysm heavily slammed, and with Rift biting at WoW’s heels and with other games coming out, they knew they had to pull something out of the bag this time, and my early impression is that they have done just that. Will it live up to that impression? Only time will tell. I have my fingers crossed for it though. 

  1. Nochecazador says:

    I’m leaving the game, but I’ll just that I will be surprised if this change goes over well. To me it’s makes the game more arcade and cookie cutter like. Blizzard truly forced the cookie cutter builds when they started locking us into talent trees until we got to the end of it. They removed the ability to hybrid build and didn’t expect further cookie cutting to happen. That’s not logical.

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