Katie Price a role model? God facepalms!

Posted: 04/11/2011 in General
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Where’s all the plastic for the carrier bags gone?

So, yesterday Katie Price AKA Jordan visited the Waterstones store at the Telford Shopping Centre. She was here on a book signing and myself and a colleague were in full agreement. What chance does the human race have when people see her as a role model?

For those fortunate enough not to know who she is, she’s a former “model” (and I use that in the loosest possible terms). She has the attention whoreness of Kim Kardashian, coupled with more plastic then a Chinese toy factory preparing for Christmas. She has also been around the block more times than your local bus service.

If you think I’m over reacting to that last comment you just take a look at all the people she’s been with, but it’s when you scrape beneath the surface is when you really should shudder.

There are two men who she married that springs to mind that I think she did for nothing more than public attention. One was Peter Andre who she got with after he became famous again on the ITV show “I’m a celebrity”, but the most awful one was the one with Alex Reid.

Alex Reid is someone who came out of nowhere. The British media kept on publishing stories about how he always cross dresses and how violent he is, snapping whenever he had the chance.

When Katie Price was in the Jungle for a second time, Mr Reid was going to propose to her on air when she left the jungle. Katie got wind of this and claiming to be embarrassed (more than likely due to the fact that the media had painted him to a villain), she finished with him.

The end of the story right? Wrong! At the beginning of 2010, Mr Reid went into the Celebrity Big Brother house. He went in to a chorus of boo’s from the audience as he entered. Jordan was nowhere to be found. Fast forward about 6 weeks, and Alex is shown to be a down to Earth bloke. Friendly and genuine. I know there will be some people who will say that he put it all on to fool people, but I challenge anyone to not be themselves for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not slip back to yourself every now and again.

As his popularity grew and grew, all of a sudden guess who started to pipe up? Miss Price! Kept on saying how much she loved him and cared for him and blah, blah, blah. At the end of Celebrity Big Brother, Alex Reid managed to win it, completely turning around public opinion of him. Being as popular as his is, you can guess what happened next. Miss Price and Mr Reid got married just a few days later.

She is the ultimate attention seeker. But I don’t think the blame should solely be rested at her feet. Part of the blame has to laid at the feet of the British tabloids. They build up these sort of people, give them all the limelight they crave.

Personally I think that if Katie Price is a role model for our youth then we need to give up now. If a role model is someone who must be now mainly made of plastic, if a role model is someone who won’t marry you unless you become popular, if a role model is someone who will do anything to stay in the tabloids then she is your woman. For people with half an ounce of common sense, she is not.


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