Fireworks? Not For the General Public, Thanks!

Posted: 05/11/2011 in General
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So pretty…

 So today is the 5th November, or bonfire night here in the UK. It all started because on November 5th 1605, a group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the house of parliament while King James I was in there. Since then the 5th of November has always been called “Bonfire Night” or “Guy Fawkes Night”, but the history lesson is not why I’m writing this.

If you were to ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you the same thing. I am against ordinary members of the public getting their hands on fireworks. After all they are explosives, they are dangerous. Personally I think that to be allowed to purchase fireworks you should have a license and the license should only be available to those people who are hosting public events and who have followed the strictest of safety measures (yes accidents will still happen and that is unavoidable.

Why am I so strongly against it? For a number of reasons that all tend to tie into one another.

  1. They are explosives, they are extremely dangerous, and any lout could get their hands on one and fire them into someone’s house. There’s even been terrible stories in the past about “people” strapping fireworks to defenceless animals and setting them off.
  2. They can be unpredictable. Whilst most go straight up, there are a few that misbehave and either don’t fire straight away (basically becoming a land mine) or they will mis-fire and shoot to the side where someone could be standing.
  3. Over the next few days, there will be people who the second it goes dark will fire off these until god knows what time at night.
  4. And finally, think of the poor pets. They have no idea what on Earth is going on and each “bang” from a firework terrifies them. I don’t see why they should have to endure that just because some people want to see some pretty colours in the sky.

Whilst I understand that these probably make me sound like one of those health and safety people who complain about everything, I am most certainly not. I just think there should be a line drawn about what the general public should and shouldn’t be allowed to get their hands on. Fireworks are explosives, and I really don’t think it’s right that anyone over the age of 18 should be allowed to purchase them and use them. You should have to have a license that shows that you are going to buy the fireworks for a licensed public event.

My girlfriend has told me earlier this week that this is already in effect where she lives in Derbyshire, and I must say kudos to her council for implementing that. At work we sell fireworks at this time of the year, and I refuse to restock them or sell them. I’m of the strong belief that we shouldn’t be selling them. I think as a responsibility to the general public it’s wrong for us to do so, and it’s a principle I will always stand by.

But wait a minute? You said it’s okay for fireworks at public displays but accidents can happen there too.

Yes they can, but at least at public displays with this license that I think should be implemented, any firework display would have to conform to the strictest possible standards and thus accidents would be severely limited. As I said before you can never eradicate accidents but by keeping displays professional, you can sure limit them and still make sure everyone enjoys them. It would mean fewer people getting hurt, less louts causing damage to people/property/pets, and less stress on the poor animals.

This is what I believe and I respect your opinion if it’s the opposite as I hope you respect mine.

  1. Nochecazador says:

    I grew up shooting bottle rockets and such. They can be dangerous and malicious. However, I’m looking forward to moving back to an area where I can have my own little small arms fireworks show. I grew up in a rural area so shooting fireworks was the norm. There was no large event set up to do such a thing.

    I also like seeing the larger fireworks shows that are put on professionally.

    I will admit there are some people that should never ever be allowed near them for their own good and that of the public.

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