A rant of rants.. Other something titled just as stupidly!

Posted: 06/11/2011 in General
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This image may or may not have something to do with today’s post. I just found it amusing

 I’m sitting here thinking of something to write about for today, when it suddenly hit me. There are certain people who you meet in your day-to-day lives who you wonder how on Earth they ever managed to remember how to get out of bed today, let alone get dressed.

A perfect example is one customer I served on Tuesday. She wanted a question answering about a TV bracket so I thought “no problem, this should be fine”… This is how the conversation went.

Me – “How can I help you?”

Customer – “I would like some information about a TV bracket please”

Me – “No problem, would you like to show me which one?”

<So we trundle over to where they are located and she asks>

Customer “Will this fit my 22 inch flat screen tv?”

Me – “Yes, it’ll fit up to 24 inches”

Customer – “Are you sure?”

Me – “Yes”

Customer – It doesn’t look big enough

Me – “It will fit”

Customer – “How do you know?”

Me – “It says so on the box”

Customer – “What if the box is wrong?”

Me – “Why would the box be wrong?”

Customer – “To get me to buy it”

<I look confused as hell>

Customer – “Do you deliver?”

Me – “Not in store we don’t, I’m afraid”

Customer – “Why not?”

Me – “It’s just not a service we offer, we do if you purchase online, just not from in store”

Customer – “Everywhere else does”

Me – “Unfortunately we don’t, sorry”

Customer – “What if I give you £5?”

Me – “We still don’t do it”

Customer – “But you should”

Me – “Unfortunately we don’t”

Customer – “Are you sure”


This conversation went on for another few minutes before she finally departed. Even now, I’m still surprised I kept my cool.

I can’t believe…

If there is one phrase I’ve heard so many times over the last few weeks it’s the phrase “I can’t believe…”, especially since the clocks have gone back from British Summer Time, to Greenwich Mean Time last weekend. The amount of people who have said “I can’t believe how dark it is in the evening now!” leaves me thinking “Good god! What planet have you been on? It’s November! It happens every fricking year”. My grandmother is another great example of this. “Oh I can’t believe how cold it’s getting” .. Cold? … IT’S AUTUMN heading in to WINTER, of course it’s going to get cold.

Oh you should be outside!

Another great one, I’m doing my own thing at work, serving the customers. It’s a glorious summers day outside, heading up to 28-29 even 30 degrees Celsius. I guarantee you at least once an hour I will have someone come up to me and say “oh it’s lovely outside, you should be out there” … Really? … Firstly thanks for telling me it’s lovely outside WHEN I CAN’T SEE IT! and secondly, yes I should be out there, but I have a job and bills to be paid!

Excuse me…

So there I am working at the place where I work, when I get the eternal question .. “Excuse me … do you work here?” … No, I just like wearing these colours. Or if I’m standing behind the till .. “Excuse me … can I pay here?” … No, I’m just standing here because standing here is cool!

This looks like a good place to stop

Walking through the shopping centre, trying to get through as quickly as I can. I don’t handle big crowds well, especially when they are big crowds who seem to have no clue what they are doing or where they are going. That’s one of the reasons why when I visit London, the big crowds don’t really bother me, because down there, 9 out of 10 people will know exactly where they want to go and why they want to go there. Up here? Not so much. 9 out of 10 people will be quite happy to stop abruptly in the middle of the path with their shopping trolley and/or pushchair and just stand there or decide it’s a good idea to gossip. If you are going to do that then move to the fucking side of the path, don’t just stop in the middle of it! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve almost walked into people and they turn around and look as if to say “you should watch where your going” .. No! … You should be more considerate of other people about where you are going to stop!

Speaking about stopping, this looks like a good place for to stop. Like a customer who stops in the middle of a shopping aisle blocking three-quarters of the aisle I am going to stop here. Thank you for your time in reading this, and sorry, but I can’t refund you for any time lost 🙂


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