All hail Lord Hogger! (For the hell of it)

I was relaxing with my other half yesterday morning when she started to have a conversation on Twitter that grabbed my attention slightly. In a strange sort of way, it’s quite “amusing” how shortened names can mean two different places. In other words I have nothing else to write about but never mind! 🙂

1) When I first started playing WoW I was an alliance character (oh the shame!), and when you would get to level 17 or 18 it would be time to hit Deadmines so as always it was “LFG DM”, however when I created the Undead Mage “Guillin” I got him high enough for Dire Maul. This resulted in the occasional whisper “Do you want to come DM?” Now I couldn’t help but think for a bit “I’m a little to high to travel to Westfall to boost so I don’t think I will go.” Doh! I don’t know about what everyone else thought but from what I saw it took a good 18-24 months before “DM” became “VC” for Deadmines.

2) Levelling my first ever horde character and in the famous Barrens chat you’d regularly see people say “I’m going WC, who wants to come”. When I first heard this I couldn’t help but think “dude (or dudette), if you need help going to the bathroom, then you shouldn’t be asking in game!” Of course “WC” means Wailing Caverns but we are all entitled to a noob moment like that, right?

3) From what I can remember, The Burning Crusade pretty much survived without any confusing shortenings. The only one I can think of is very occasionally someone would say “LFG MT” and instead of Mana-Tombs they meant Magister’s Terrace. This didn’t happen often as 95% of the player base just said “MGT” for that place that never dropped me my frickin’ mount! (I’m not bitter, no, no.)

4)Wrath of the Lich King hits and you read stuff in general chat and trade chat like “LFG UK” or “UK is easy!”. When I first saw these my first line of thought was, “you want a group to enter the UK?” And “I know the United Kingdom is easy to get into to, don’t remind us”. UK of course in the game world means good ol’ Utgarde Keep. It probably is just as quick to finish Utgarde Keep as it is to enter the United Kingdom but that’s for another time 😛

5) “LFG BOT”, that’s another common one. When I see this I think “oooh Botanica” … Nowadays they mean Bastion of Twilight but people should learn basic grammar. Because it is “of” it is a lower case “o”, so its BoT for Bastion of Twilight and BOT for Botanica. Got it? Good! 🙂

6) Last but not least we have “FL”. FL is and has always been “Flame Leviathan”, but nowadays people pick those two letters for the Firelands. Despite this even now, myself, and I know quite a few others think the same. Once FL is Flame Leviathan it is always Flame Leviathan.

Are there any other shortenings that I’ve missed in WoW like this? Feel free to let me know below! 🙂

  1. Nochecazador says:

    TB use to mean Thunder Bluff. Now it means Tol Borad.

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