Facepalms, Gkicks and other short stories

Posted: 11/11/2011 in World of Warcraft
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After I wrote yesterdays post, I thought about what else I could write and I thought let’s bring some “short stories” shall we say based on some of the “incidents” that I’ve seen during my six and a half years in World of Warcraft.

Ni Hao!

Levelling up baby Guillin, I was in the original Thousand Needles, doing the quest where you have to pick up the 3 notes from the peaks. There I was, just questing along when I saw this hunter with a pet named “boar” now not naming your pet is a classic chinese power levelling “issue”. Just for the hell of it, I said “/s Ni Hao!” Yeah that was a mistake as I then got three lines of text in…of course…chinese!

The Eternal Duel Of Doom!

Travelling through Elwynn Forest I spotted a duel going on, so I thought “I’m quite interested in seeing this one”, so I went to watch. After 45 minutes I got bored and carried on questing. A further 45 minutes later they were still doing the same duel. It was a Restoration Druid and a Holy Paladin, the era was vanilla WoW. You do the maths 😛

How to Deal With Gold Beggars

Being a bored level 60 I was hanging out outside Orgrimmar. Now we had a good relationship with the top alliance guilds ( traitors I know!). Anyway one of the alliance characters was logged on a horde alt when this beggar came to me “50g plz!”, I said “no, sorry”, but he kept on and on. Eventually I said “ok, I will give you 50g if you do /pvp.” The beggar did this and the other guy logged onto his alliance main … And one fire blast later, the beggar was running back to his corpse. He never did get his 50g.

Let’s take off all armour and dance near Ragnaros. Nothing bad will happen

Back when the Fire Lord was where he belongs (Molten Core), we were on our first attempts on him. As the raid leader was carefully explaining the fight, one of resident warlocks who really must have been dropped on his head and bounced back up at birth decided It would be a good idea to take off all of his armour and charge into Ragnaros… The result? 39 angry raiders … The outcome? “Level 60 warlock LF raiding guild”.

I really want to progress with your guild .. OMG A female /gkick
Back in the Burning Crusade were advertising for more people for our Karazhan progression. We had a very promising application from a mage so we decided to bring him in. He joined the guild and started politely, cracked a few jokes and we thought “you know what? He will be fine!”, then came raid time. So there we were outside Karazhan, everyone on Vent when the raid leader speaks up, who is female.

Now personally I don’t care if someone is male, female, or a martian, but obviously for some guys this isn’t the case. So the raid leader speaks and the new mage says in raid chat “omg, she sounds nice, bet she has huge tits”, and proceeded to spend the next few minutes whispering her some very “non gaming” things. As you can imagine within minutes, he was looking for another guild.

I’m just doing my homework!

Having triumphantly cleared Karazhan is was the turn of Gruul’s lair next. The first boss took some getting used to but when we found a stable mage tank (oh hi me!), it’s off to the big G himself. We had just wiped and once everyone was back in the raid leader started to go over a few things that went wrong, when all of a sudden over Vent we hear “BUT MOM! I’VE JUST GOT TO FINISH MY HOMEWORK FIRST!” Queue the raid in absolute fits of laughter, and funnily enough the person in question didn’t speak again that night.

Do you have amusing stories to tell the class? 🙂

  1. Aha, good read.

    I like the short and sweet approach with these, especially the amusing pictures XD

    – Jamin

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