Wait! So I Wasn’t Meant to do That? And Doh! Moments.

Posted: 16/11/2011 in World of Warcraft
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So THAT’s why there’s fencing there!

During our time in World of Warcraft, we’ve all done it. We’ve all done stuff so glaringly stupid that we make warlocks seem smart. Most of the time we brush it under the carpet and even make ourselves forget about them, but as I couldn’t think of anything else to write I thought why not make a short post and make myself look like a right ol’ idiot.

I’ll Pick That Character!

Nice Hammer!

Thought I would start with my very first few moments in WoW. It was April 2005, and it was the character select screen. This isn’t so much as an “idiot” moment, but still makes me smile every time I think of it. There I was deciding on my first ever character after I had already chosen to roll on the Silvermoon EU server (back then there were literally only a handful of realms to choose from), when I came across the paladin. I took on look at him and said “ooh I like his weapon”, and so on that basis alone I chose a human paladin as my first ever character. This decision lasted a massive … 4 levels. Never mind eh?

Can You Just Poly….Where You Gone?

What a cute little puppy!

 Back when Upper Blackrock Spire actually required you to pay attention, we were in the room before The Beast (picture above). Now as a mage I was of course on crowd control duty. “Guillin can you please sheep the left mob?” Was the question from the tank. “Yes sure, no problem” was my reply. So I go to press “Polymorph” and before I know it I’m in the middle of the pack. Note to self and any other budding mages. Don’t put your “Blink” spell right next to your “Polymorph” spell as it hurts 🙂

I’ll Just Jump and Then Shif…. Oh crap!

Has nothing to do with this one, but I thought it’s cool!

 The era was TBC. I had spent the last god knows how long just focusing on levelling up my druid and then gearing him when he reached level 70. Anyway after a while I decided that I needed a break from my tree of doom so I returned back to my glass cannon. I was standing at the very top of Aldor’s Rise in Shattrath and not being bothered to wait for the lift, I decided to jump off the top. As I jumped off I went to hit my flight form button until I realised… Well you see, a mage doesn’t really have a flight form button, and having no feathers for Slow Fall I made a pretty thud as I hit the ground. Thank god I’m exalted with the spirit healer!

I’ll Take Today Off Raiding … He Dropped WHAT?!?

Karazhan, my favourite raid of all time.

 This isn’t so much of a dumbass move, more of a “doh!” decision. For months my guild at the time, Hysteria of Darkspear EU, had Karazhan on farm and every week the one item that i desperately wanted never dropped. I am of course talking about “The Lightning Capacitor“. At the time it was the trinket that nearly most mages wanted. One week I decided that on that Wednesday I would take a day off to rest and to watch the England football (soccer for you strange American types :P) match. I log back in after the match and in officer I see the following … Officer Y “Guess what dropped tonight”, Me – “It didn’t?”, Officer Y – “It did!”. Que me face desking about 20 times. Overall I think it took me 14 months before I got my hand on that damn trinket.

So I Hear Your Guild Cleared Tempest Keep?

It was only a set… OH SHUT UP!

This is probably my BIGGEST doh! moment of my World of Warcraft playtime.

 Before my guild at the time (Vesper of Darkspear EU), took on Kael’thas in Tempest Keep, we had a heated debate that last for a good week or two. You see just before we reached Kael, Blizzard had taken the decision to remove all attunements so Mount Hyjal and Black Temple were there waiting for us. I was of the opinion that jumping to the next tier wasn’t right and that we should finish Tier 5 before we move. Eventually and after a lot of talking it was agreed to go with this plan, so the fight against Kael’thas started…

… We had wiped constantly on him every day for the previous 3 weeks but this night we tried him and got a 22% and then a 7% wipe attempt. We knew we could get him that night, so after 2 hours the raid leader decided to call a break and then we’d return a kill us a blood elf (who doesn’t enjoy that! I mean it’s not as satisfying as punting gnomes, but it’ll do).

So what happened? The guild killed Kael’thas alright, but without me. Turned out I had only gone and fallen asleep during the interval. I managed to blag it with the help of a good officer friend of mine that my internet had died, but we both knew that wasn’t true. A chance phone call from work asking me to do extra hours the next day was the only reason I woke up, nicely sat up against a wall in Tempest Keep.


Have you got any stories about some stupid things that you did or moments where you think “why didn’t I just do what I NORMALLY do?” I’d love to hear about them 🙂

  1. Aha, your posts always seem so light hearted and honest.

    The first one, about the character select, really brought back my experience. Warrior has a SWORD! Mage has stick.. Eh, no.

    – Jamin

  2. I definitely sympathize. I’ve died from falling many times on my mage, but in addition to Slow Fall, you can blink when you’re almost gonna splat and you’ll land safely OR you can Ice Block… did ALL mages have Ice Block back in BC or was it only frosties? I forget.

    One of the biggest OOPS moment I have (reoccurring unfortunately) is as I’m on my flying mount, I go to whisper someone and I hit my mount key “G”, unmount and watch my shaman fall to it’s death. >.<

    Great post! Love it!

    • guillinuk says:

      Oh hai you!

      Mages if I remember, everyone got ice block during TBC. It might have been sooner but it was that long ago I honestly can’t remember 😀

      That one you mentioned is great! I’ve done similar in the past, but I normally have a core spell assigned to one of my side mouse keys and on more then one occasion I’ve hit that button whilst flying. Mage pancake anyone?

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