Short Topic – The Three Types of Noob

Posted: 17/11/2011 in World of Warcraft
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The word “noob” is something you hear regularly in Massively multiplayer games, and non more so than in World of warcraft. Tonight I’d like differentiate between what I see to be three different types of “noobs” that you will experience during your levelling up in the WoW dungeons.

The Baby Noob

Calling this group of players “noob” is extremely unfair. A more appropriate term in my opinion would be “newb” or “newbie”. These are the people who may have only had been playing for the last week or month or so and thus aren’t that up to speed with how their class works, what each spell or ability does and what happens in each dungeon. Nine times out of ten you can usual tell which ones these are. They are normally the ones who are polite, will apologize that they are new, will actually read what they have to do and then ask questions, and will be willing to take advice on their gear and rotations.

The Ignorant Noob

This one in my opinion probably sits in the middle of three different types. These are the people who are wearing the wrong type of armour (for example spell power on a huntar…sorry hunter), or are using the wrong abilities at the wrong time (not so much an issue nowadays). You can always tell these sort as when you offer them advice you get no answer, BUT generally when you tell them to stop needing on items that they don’t actually need they will stop.

The Heirloom Noob

These are the worst. These are the guys who have at least one level 85 and have decked their new character out in full heirloom gear. If you’ve levelled up an alt, or have only recently started playing the game you will have noticed these. They are the ones who don’t wait for the healers mana, or they are the ones who instead of waiting for the tank to pull, they will run off and start pulling themselves. I normally find that these people play either rogues, dps warriors or hunters. They will also need on every pattern and gem that drops, regardless of whether or not they need them. And when you ask them politely to stop doing what they doing you’ll get replies such as “stfu and get some heirlooms” or “I have 7 level 85’s all with heroic top-tier! I have killed Ragnorok (intentional)!” These are the people who want to smack over the head with their own keyboard.

So this was just a baby post from me. It’s something that i’ve been coming across since I started my Shaman on the US servers a few months ago.

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