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Posted: 18/11/2011 in Personal
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Even worse is that the nail is mocking me!

 People who have read this blog from the beginning (all one of you raise your hand), will know that on the 1st June I had surgery to remove an infection from my lower back it was a very uncomfortable and painful and 5 and a half months later, I’m still healing. Today I would like to write a little update on the recovery.

 It’s been a long journey and to say that it’s been an emotional rollercoaster would be the understatement of the century. There’s been so many false dawns and setbacks that I’ve given up trying to anticipate or predict when I would finally fully heal. I remember the first time I had to go back to the hospital after starting back at work. I went in such high spirits. I thought “You are almost there, another couple of weeks!” When the doctor looked at it he requested that the district nurses returned to seeing me, and that I was nowhere near ready. That pretty much knocked me off my feet, but me being me, I regrouped and go back on with it. Whilst I didn’t go back to seeing the district nurse (as that would have been time off work that I couldn’t afford), I did return to seeing my local GP.

 So 2 months went past and once again it was time to visit the hospital for another check up. This one was different. The doctor I saw didn’t even take a look at the wound. He said “well it looks good, so keep doing what you’re doing and we will see you in two months. I wont remove the dressing to have a look as it appears to be well covered”. This had my hopes as I finally thought “well if the doctors at the hospital are telling me that it looks great and there is no need to remove the dressing to inspect it further then it must be going great!” Mood at this time? On the way up!

 Within a couple of weeks of that check up I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. The pain in the wound area was getting more and more intense and the bleeding became heavier (so much so that when I would “go to the bathroom”, the bowl would become red (not pleasant, but truthful). Not wanting to waste time I went straight into the walk-in clinic that we have up in the town centre. The nurse there took one look at the injury and said “you need to see your GP and here’s a prescription for antibiotics. Mood? Floored! I to work after going to the walk in clinic and to be honest, I was in no mental state to work. Now you can ask anyone who knows me, I’m fairly stubborn and normally keep my thoughts to myself and my emotions well hidden, but all I could think of was the worst. I kept thinking “if it’s infected again, am I going to have to go back into surgery?”. By 11am I got sent home, but thankfully a week after I was back to how I was before I picked up this new infection.

 Today was my latest appointment at the hospital. I finished work at 1pm and went to the hospital for a 2:10 appointment. This time around I didn’t even try to guess what I would be told and just sat there in the waiting room waiting. I was hoping to BBM my other half whilst I was waiting, however I couldn’t get a signal so there I sat just waiting, looking at my watch and generally wondering what they will say. 2:20pm came and they called me.

 I must admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that the person who was seeing me today was the same person who performed the initial operation yet. She asked me to lie down so the wound could be checked out. She took at look and said “I’ll be right back, just need to get Mr Duffield’s opinion”. Mr Duffield is like the senior doctor on that wing, a very nice man too. He came in took a look and said “it’s looking alright, healing slower than expected but it looks clean. I will suggest that you go to your local GP once a week so a nurse there can check it out.” I was pretty uplifted by this as visiting the local GP once a week wont be a problem, and if one of the main doctors is saying that it looks clean and is healing then I will take his word for that. The fact that it’s healing slower than expected doesn’t surprise me, as well, i have quite a “hairs” and I was told that they would slow down the final part of the healing process.

I will be sent a letter in a couple of weeks requesting that I go back to the hospital sometime in December. I certainly hope the progress continues to go on an upwards curve, but if I’ve learnt anything from the last 6 months, it’s that I shouldn’t hold my breath and get my hopes up in regards to this fully healing in any reasonable time. 

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