Looking Back at 2011, Looking Forward to 2012 on a Personal Level

Posted: 19/11/2011 in Personal
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Great Scott!

Looking Back at 2011

Well with just 6 weeks left of 2011, I thought that now would be a good time to do what admittedly almost everyone else will do over due course and that’s look back at their 2011. At lot of things happened in the world, you had the Occupy movements that went global, the Euro on the verge of collapse and the start of the Arab Spring, but whilst I will take a look at the wider happenings, I want to take time today to look at my own 2011.

The first couple of months was pretty much the same as every other month in recent memory. I would work full-time in my retail job and then head home to play World of Warcraft, the only difference was this pain that was developing in my lower back (a topic that is well covered here and here).

Relationship? Soon after, around March time I started to speak to someone on Twitter. We got talking and realising we had a lot in common decided to meet up. Instantly we clicked and by the end of April we were officially going out. At the risk of sounding soppy and sending people for the nearest buckets, it’s not too far to say that she is probably the best thing that has happened to me. I couldn’t be without her now.

Employment? I’ve tried looking for another job. Don’t get me wrong I’m quite content where I am but I do believe that I could do so much better. The main thing that stays in my head is that right now I am in a stable, full-time job. If I were to leave my current job would I be able to find a full-time job and even if I did find a full-time job, being the newcomer there, just how stable would that job be? Those are the sort of questions that always run through my head.

Gaming?, what have I played mainly? World of Warcraft still takes the vast majority of my gaming time, but I’ve also dabbled in Rift, Team Fortress 2 and Civilization 5. I still play some of the older games like Elder Scrolls : Oblivion and Championship Manager 2001/02 so my gaming habits haven’t really changed.

Financially? Well with everything that is going on with the cost of living etc, it’s been pretty hard to keep my balance around the same as it always has been. I’ve just about managed it, but it hasn’t been easy and was possible by me selling some of my old DVD’s and even my Playstation 3 back in January

Technology? The beginning of the year I started with a HTC Desire Z, a gorgeous little Android phone, but in June I replaced it with the current king of smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S2. That phone right now is miles ahead of the competition. There are some that are due to be released that will challenge the S2, but for its display, operating system (Android) and its pure power, I’ve never used anything that has come close. The only thing that goes against it and virtually all full touch screen smartphones was the abysmal battery life. This has resulted me switching back to a Blackberry Bold 9700. I’ve also ditched my old computer for a laptop I picked up off the Dell Outlet store.

So that’s me from 2011, what’s in store for me in 2012?

Relationship? In 2012 there will hopefully be some big moves in that department, with us hoping to move into our own place. Are other things on the cards too? You never know 🙂

Employment? Well I plan to continue to work where I am working but also keep an eye out for a better job. With the economic climate expected

Gaming? Who knows? Could 2012 be the last year that I play World of Warcraft? Will Guild Wars 2 or Tera steal my heart? Or will another genre of gaming completely take me away?

Financially? I can’t see 2012 being any easy then 2011, if anything I’m predicting that either my current level will stay the same, or maybe even decrease. Come January I will have to sit down and properly look at my expenditures and try to trim certain aspects.

Technology? The only thing I really see changing is a potential purchase of a tablet, but which one? If I was to buy one this second it would either be A) The Blackberry Playbook or B) The Asus Transformer. I can’t see me changing my PC as my current laptop is perfectly fine for what I need and I am going to try to stick with my current phone until 2013 (I’m never normally able to keep phones longer then 4 months, so that will be an interesting challenge).

Overall I would say that despite the operation, 2011 has been a very positive year for me and while there will probably be the odd bump and pothole in the road, I have a hunch that 2012 will go near enough the same way.


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