Decisions, Indecisions

Posted: 04/12/2011 in Personal
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This is going to be a little bit rambly but its something 

throughout my life I have never been good at making choices. It’s not that I make bad choices, it more the fact that on occasions I take so long to decide on something that when I finally make a decision that I really want to make, either the moment has passed or I have managed to cast enough seeds of doubt in my own mind to not go ahead with something.

A couple of prime examples of this. The first one was when Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft annual pass. I had recently started playing on the US servers as that is where my other half plays however my previous character of 6 years was on the EU servers. I spent days just torturing myself about whether or not I should commit the pass to my new US account or my old EU veteran. For most people it would have been a straight decision one way or the other, but for me I constantly went through all of the pros and cons. Still being unable to make a firm decision, I basically went “sod it” and committed to the US account.

A second example that some of you will be aware of if you followed my Twitter account last week was that I was deliberating on whether or not I should purchase myself an 8gb iPod Touch to have just as a media/app player. For days i was like “do I really need one?” and “it will just be an app player which is what you want”. This indecision went on and on until eventually I took the plunge. Turns out I couldn’t get on with the iOS software so I returned it, but still, it was another example of a decision that took two or three days longer to make then i should have.

Another example is that whenever I am walking around town with the missus, she will ask me “where do you want to go?” and virtually every time I will go “I don’t know” or “I don’t mind”. Some people call it “being laid back and relaxed” and 85% of the time I will probably agree, however the other 15% is filled up with me thinking “for once will you decide on something”. I try not to show it but it does annoy me sometimes. I get frustrated with myself and instead of deciding I just try to forget about it. This does not work, instead the decision just festers in the back of my mind until it bursts to the forefront of my mind once more.

I would love to be someone who can just decide on something that second but unfortunately that’s not how i am wired…


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