The Stuart Hotel

Posted: 05/12/2011 in General
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 So on Saturday night, the girlfriend and myself stayed at The Stuart Hotel in Derby. We decided to stay in a hotel instead of heading back to hers as we went to her Christmas work party, so it was more convenient to stay there. Also it gave us our own little space if only for 12 hours or so.

I made the booking on last week. At £52 I thought it was a decent price for the night. When you arrive you walk through two glass doors (well you open them first as just walking through them would be pretty painful). When you enter you are greeted by the reception desk which is bathed in a purple light. I had to wait 5 minutes to check in as there were 3 people in front of me who only booked a room for 2. The person at the reception desk to his credit looked through his system and found a room for them, then it was my turn. As had already taken care of most things all I had to do was write my address and sign the sheet of paper before I was given the keys to room 317.

Walking through the corridors of the hotel the thing that I noticed the most was the crazy heat that were in the halls. Nickie thought that it was perfect but I swear my body temperature is around 200 degrees higher than hers. After walking along 2 corridors and 3 flights of stairs I arrived at the room. Sliding the keycard into the door I opened the door. I was greeted with a decent sized and fairly cosey room. To my immediate left was a mirror on the wall, to my right was the wardrobe, a little red chair and the double bed and straight ahead was a nice desk that would be great for business people or anyone to work on. At the far right of the room was the door to the bathroom. The bathroom had a toilet, sink and a bath with a shower.

The bed itself was extremely comfortable with what we think was a memory foam mattress. We woke up around 9am and it wasnt until 10:20ish that we decided we had better move as check out was at 11. That is how comfortable the bed was. If I had two gripes about the room they would be that you could feel the poor insulation of the windows. It felt like you could feel a constant draft whenever I put my hand by the window. Thankfully though you couldn’t feel this in the rest of the room although it was more obvious in the bathroom. The second gripe, and for this one I use the term lightly, was the fact they only supplied two complimentary sachet of normal coffee (not decaffeinated). Now considering there were two people stayed there for the night I would have appreciated at least two more sachet. That however is a small gripe and to be honest probably isn’t even worth scoring against the hotel.

We didn’t use pay TV or the restaurant down stairs but both seemed to be the price you would expect to pay at a hotel.

Overall I would say that The Stuart Hotel is a very nice place to stay if you are needing a place to sleep for a couple of days. For £52 I could not complain at the comfort of the bed or of the facilities that were available. Would I stay there again? Absolutely.


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