A Priest a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Posted: 28/12/2011 in World of Warcraft
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Not mine, but doesn’t it look nice!

 So there I was, just trundling along in the Hellfire Peninsula, and to be honest feeling pretty annoyed. The brochure said stunning views, glorious coastlines and unique pavements. Now I, Tolakar may only be 74 levels of age but the “stunning views” were barren wasteland, the “glorious coastlines” were edges of rock that fell into nothing and unique pavements? They were frickin’ bone! If I wanted to see all this I would’ve just stopped at Manchester for the weekend!

 Feeling dejected I started my slow, long walk back to Shattrath so I could gladly get out of here and return to a somewhat friendly if not colder place of late, Orgrimmar. As I started walking I heard some whimpering coming from one of the buildings, so after  doing a bit of hunting I found the culprit. A poor blood elf shadow priest who goes by the name of Synysta.

 Now I’m not a cold-hearted Tauren. I spend most of my time healing others, so being the gentle person that I am I opened the cage, she said thank you and as she walked off … I smacked her over the head and put her on a slow roast for 24 hours.

 I must say roast priest is even better than those Hellfire ribs you can get. As part of a well-balanced diet I highly recommend that you try it out!

 After that wonderful meal I felt too full to walk all the way to Shattrath so instead I went back to Thrallmar and on my way I saw the stuff of legend. The mighty Fel Reaver! Naturally I growled at him and the residents of Thrallmar obviously agreed with me!

 We gave each other a quick nod and then my flight arrived. As a place I was pretty disappointed but roast priest certainly beat the gnomes on toast that you get at the Crossroads!

No priests were harmed in the making of this blog. Although the gnome warlocks were nice with some fries!


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