The Blackberry App World UK Rip-off

Posted: 02/01/2012 in Mobile
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In 2011 I was the proud owner of a Blackberry Bold 9700, all for one month mind you but still I had owned one. Also for the last couple of months I have been the owner of a Blackberry Playbook, and despite all the naysayers (mainly over in North America), the Playbook is an extremely good tablet and will get the app support it deserves next month when RIM brings the Android apps in the ecosystem. There is however one thing that really grates at me in the current app world on the Blackberry systems.

If you live the United States and you look for an app called “Tweetbook” you will see that it costs $4.99, now if you hop on a plane to the United Kingdom (or ask one of us on the other side of the pond), you will find that the app costs £4.99. By right the app should cost, counting in the exchange rates £3.22 and even if you count in the 20% VAT rate that we currently have over here, the maximum the app should cost should be £3.86. By charging us £4.99 they are actually ripping off their UK user base by £1.13. We are paying a massive 29.27% more then our counterparts in the US. To put this into perspective £4.99 is $7.73 so you can see the huge amount they gain off us.

My apologies for singling out “Tweetbook” then. It was just the first app that came to mind. Every other app is the same in the Blackberry App World as RIM has a $1 = £1 policy. It’s a ridiculous policy that in my opinion should be overturned as it’s completely unfair.

When a company is struggling as much as RIM are at the moment they need to make smart business decisions. Charging one currency up to 30% more to buy the same apps as compared to one country just isn’t right in my humble opinion and whilst it may be a “smart business move” in the short-term, in the long-term people will catch on and switch to other operating systems that actually respect exchange rates (here’s looking at you Android).

My own opinion is that it is not the developers who are gaining from this scam, but it’s the rip off merchants at RIM themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of the developers aren’t even aware of this.

All in all the Blackberry App World does, and always will lag behind both the Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store, but that doesn’t give them to right to rip users in the United Kingdom off like they currently do!

Change it RIM!

  1. George says:

    I totally agree. RIM should sort this out as a matter of urgency as it is sending out all the wrong signals to UK and European customers.

    In essence RIM are ripping people off in a major way. This kind of thing used to be common practice, but most multinationals have wised up (e.g. Apple) and stopped doing it years ago. Why is RIM so behind the curve.

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