I know every tech site under the sun has done this sort of thing for their respective topic of interest, so I thought “why not do one myself”. So here it is. Here are my favourite Android apps of 2011.


Over the year I used more Twitter apps then I had hot dinners. I tried the official Twitter app, Plume, Tweetcaster, Seesmic, Tweetdeck and Ubersocial but for the Twitter app that stood out for me in 2011 was Twicca. I found the UI clear, it was simple on the top but if you scraped underneath (looked at the settings), you would see that it was a very detailed app to use, and until Twitter updated their app to the current style it was my app of choice to tweet with.

Twitter for Android!

I had no intention of putting the official Twitter app for Android on my list, but the most recent update has put it up there with the best of the apps for those of use who Tweet like there is no tomorrow. The UI is slick and clean, and the one process that seals the deal for this app is that it is the only one to have push notifications. This basically means that if you get a reply or a direct message, you will know within seconds.

Facebook for Android!

There isn’t really much competition in the Facebook category. I did try Friendcaster for a while but when it comes to the UI, and its general ease of use then I have to say that the official Facebook app for Android works the best. I would love to see some competition in this front as I always believe that competition drives performance, but we will have to wait and see on that one.


By now most people will have heard of Foursquare. It’s a geolocation sharing service in the simplest of terms. With this app you “check in” to places and if you check in enough you get to become “mayor” of that place. It’s quite cool and the location detection is pretty accurate!


Getglue is like the “Foursquare for media”. With this app you “check in” do whatever it is you are doing. Whether that is watching a television show, playing a game or even just thinking of a topic. You can check in to them here and earn “badges”.

Hotukdeals Droid

I regularly like to visit the Hot UK Deals website to see which retailers are selling particular items for a reasonable prices, and sometime when I’m in a weak signal area I find that viewing the website via this app to be quicker than logging on to the website itself.


As someone who intermittently blogs, I find this app wonderful for when I’m travelling on the bus and suddenly a post pops up in my head. As well as posting new content you can take a look at your stats as see how many people have viewed your page.

Swiftkey X

Having owned a Desire Z, Samsung S2 and now a Xperia Mini, I have tried to use all their keyboards, but every time I find myself reverting back to Swiftkey X. The keyboard is a joy to use and the predictions are normally spot on. It’s pretty accurate too at trying to predict what the next word will be. A highly recommended keyboard replacement!

Trainline Tickets

As someone who uses the railways system 4-5 times a month to go visit the other half purchased tickets used to have to be via the website, however thankfully theTrainline.com has a wonderfully functional app that lets you purchase tickets from it. The only draw back to this app is the £1 booking fee that they force on you. I hear that official apps from the train networks don’t charge you this fee so that is something I will have to look at in the near future.

Arriva M-Ticket

To travel to work almost every day requires me to use the public transport and more specifically it requires me to use the bus service. This app I find invaluable as you can purchase tickets on the app and store them on your phone. Also if you purchase a monthly ticket you can save 10% (for example my monthly ticket would be £50 from the bus driver, but it’s only £45 using the mobile app).

Al Jazeera

In a world where the global headlines have been taken by the Arab Spring, one news network has stood head and shoulders above everyone else. It was during the start of the Egyptian revolution that I stumbled across this news station and I found myself hooked on their reporting. Their Android app delivers the news in a gorgeous photo “collage” style and it also lets you listen and watch their live coverage. It’s a fantastic news app.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is wonderful to catch up on shows you have missed over the past week. It lets you stream the content to watch on your Android device. I’ve lost count on the amount of times I’ve used it to catch up on Doctor Who for example. I can’t wait for Channel 4 to finally release their 4oD app for the Android platform which is currently in development.

Google Maps

No good app review would be complete without a quick mention about Google Maps. The bane of every satellite navigation company. The maps are accurate, the navigation is as good as any paid SatNav . I must admit I’ve spent some journey’s just watching my little blue dot move across the map, and when I first started to travel to Derby to visit the missus, I used the inbuilt navigation to find my way from the city centre to the train station. Google Maps in my opinion is a must have application;

So those are my favourite Android apps of 2011. My next post will be my favourite Android games of 2011. Thank you for reading!

  1. Nochecazador says:

    For me add Pandora, Newsy, Netflix, Google Music, Dropbox, Box, and TeamViewer.

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