Following on from my favourite Android Apps of 2011, I would now like to focus on the games I enjoyed playing the most of the past 12 months.

Bejeweled 2

This game is so simple but so ever addictive. I’m sure most people know this game but those who don’t the aim of the game is to line up 3 or more “gems” of the same colour in order for those to disappear. The game ends when there are no more possibilities available.

Zombieville USA

 This little game requires you to walk along a street basically taking out zombies. Every time you pass a house you can tap on the door, enter it, and get either ammunition, money for upgrades or even on the rare occasion an ally to fight beside you. Well, to fight beside you until the zombies eat their brains. Nom nom nom!

Angry Birds

I know, I know. Angry Birds *yawn*, but it can’t be denied that this is one of the most addictive games to ever hit any mobile platform. For those who have lived in some sort of alternative universe the aim of the game is to slingshot birds with different abilities across the screen to destroy the green pigs that are situation amongst structures. Extremely fun.

Game Dev Story

 This is the first of two for me from Kairosoft. The Japanese developers seem to have these type of games mastered. In this game you are in charge of a game development company and your aim is to create games and at a later stage in the game, even a console. There are multiple categories and genres to choose from, and despite the repetitiveness of the game, the replayable factor is absolutely massive. Highly recommended.

Grand Prix Story

 The second one from Kairosoft is Grand Prix Story. It’s a game that uses the same structure as Game Dev Story, but instead of being in charge of a game company you are in charge of your own racing team. You get to research parts, cars, you can upgrade cars, train your drivers and mechanics and hope to win the races on multiple surface types. It’s another game that will keep you busy for hours on end.

Turbo Cricket

Simple in design, extremely enjoyable in practice. The aim of the game is to time your shots as accurate as possible to hit those sixes. You have 5 wickets to accumulate as many runs as you can. For some reason the last 2 wickets tend to give me the most runs.

Order and Chaos Online

 Order and Chaos Online is the first “MMO” that I have ever played on a mobile device. If you play it and believe that it plays and acts a lot like the MMO behemoth “World of Warcraft”, then you would be right, but trust me, on a mobile device it really isn’t a bad thing!

Gaming Applications Authenticator

In the first of two applications from Blizzard, the authenticator is essential for those who value the security of their World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 accounts, or even their account on the whole. If you don’t have a physical authenticator then this is a must have application.

World of Warcraft Armory

This little app is an absolute gem of a product from Blizzard, It allows you to virtually view anything to do with your character. Can view your character, look at upgrades, read the last news, play with the talent calculator and if you have the Armory premium subscription on your account then you can also use the guild chat and even the auction house. Very good app.

Rift Mobile Authenticator

Trion for me, released the MMO of 2011 (looks at all the frothing light sabers outside of my door), and within days of RIFT being released they brought out the Mobile Authenticator. Once again for those who value the security of their gaming, this is another must have application.

Which games or gaming applications did you value the most in 2011? Thank you for reading 🙂

  1. Woah Cool. Do you do research on it?

  2. I blog about games too, though its comp game and im a new blogger

  3. Nochecazador says:

    Give Marble Blast and Flick Soccer a try. I like Bejeweled 2 as well. I’m getting into Multiponk.

    Should authentication apps really count as games though?

  4. […] my post of Favourite Android Games of 2011 a well-respected and regular commenter of mine questioned why I put authenticator’s and such […]

  5. Android says:


    […]Favourite Android Games of 2011 « Lashings of Liam[…]…

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