Twitter App Review – Lemma for Blackberry Playbook

Posted: 07/01/2012 in Social Media
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The Blackberry Playbook is a nice tablet, despite it lacking some standard features (some of which are due to be rectified when OS version 2.0 is released for the Playbook). One of the things that I’m sure many people would have noticed is the distinct lack of a native Twitter app. RIM supplies a link to the mobile version of the website but it falls lacking, which is why the workaround to trick the Playbook into accessing the full Twitter website is a godsend.

Despite this it is always nice to use an app to view Twitter when on a mobile device however the Twitter apps available on the Playbook App World are either non-existent or you have to pay (for example £2 for Blaq or even a whopping £5 for Tweetbook). Thankfully a couple of days ago I stumbled across an app called Lemma. It’s free and still needs some work but on the whole it is a very good Twitter client. It received an updated on the 4th January that I thought made it warrant a highlight.

The Review

After downloading it, you are greeted to the first time start-up screen which gives you a brief introduction to Lemma, tells you what the icons on the toolbar does and informs you as to what each action that you can perform does.

Once you click on finish it takes you to the your main timeline. As you can see the timeline is simple, but the UI is clear and effective

From here you will notice the toolbar at the bottom. The first button allows you to create a tweet, the second one allows you to view your replies and direct mentions while the third one takes you back to the start-up screen that first appears when you first install the app. You will notice that to the right of each tweet there is a “diamond”. By touching the diamond you bring up the option menu for that tweet.

Each of these are pretty self-explanatory so I would go into detail about them. The final screen to show you is the screen from which you tweet from. It’s as simple as you could wish for. When you have composed your tweet and clicked “tweet” it will tell you whether or not it has successfully been sent.

Room For Improvement

 There are a number of things that I think that the developers of Lemma could improve on. Firstly the font that is used when you entering a tweet doesn’t look clear on the screen. When you’ve sent a tweet off it would be nice for the application to automatically send you back to your timeline instead of having to press the back button. Finally and this is the biggest annoyance with this app is that there is no @ auto complete. In a time when almost every app will try offer you some usernames to complete your @ with, this omission seems to be a bit too big. I know it’s a free app, but nowadays that should come as standard.


In my opinion Lemma for the Blackberry Playbook is a very good Twitter client, and easily the best of the two free Twitter clients that I have found for the tablet (Tweedless is the other one). The above annoyances can easily be tolerated with the exception of the lack of an @ auto complete, but if you are looking for a Twitter client for the Blackberry Playbook then Lemma is extremely good, and has a massive amount of potential. Also if you weigh in the fact that it is free then it just rises in desirability.


At the moment I would say that Lemma is a very solid 6.0-6.5 out of 10, if they can add/correct some of the current omissions/downfalls then it could quite easily jump up to 8 or 9. It really does have that much potential.

Lemma for Blackberry Playbook – FREE from the Blackberry App World


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