What I Think Could Be Good Additions to WoW

Posted: 08/01/2012 in World of Warcraft
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Over the course of its 7 year history, World of Warcraft has brought in many additions and services. Some have revolutionised the game (Looking for Dungeon) whilst others slipped past with hardy anyone noticing (there’s a voice chat in the game?). In this post today I would like to discuss what I believe would be good additions to the game.

AoE Looting

For anyone who has played RIFT they will have come across this. It can be time-consuming if you kill multiple mobs and then have go around looting them all individually. What AoE looting does is that when you do kill multiple mobs, you only have to loot one to collect everything from all of them, saving you time and sometimes saving you from pulling your hair out because you just can’t seem to click on a fallen foe.

Cross Continent Transfers

Harking back to vanilla WoW when this was first brought up by Blizzard, it has since been dismissed by the Warcraft overlords. Cross Continent Transfers would allow players to move their characters from the European servers to the North American servers and vise-versa. I know some of you are probably thinking “well what would be the point of that?” Well for some people they may have moved to a different country, may have friends over on the other side of the pond or their spouse might have their main on the opposite side.

I get there are probably “technical challenges” to this, but surely Blizzard have the technology now to copy data from one set of Ā servers to a completely different set of servers. Even if there was an extreme limitation like “All gold on your character will be removed using the process and this is a one time transfer”, I know that I would still use it.

Social-Media integration

This is a tricky one, you have to get the balance just right but in World of Warcraft I would like to see the option of being able to read and send tweets and/or Facebook message straight from the game. This is a feature that I really enjoy in RIFT because well, I’m lazy and don’t want to switch between two windows to see my Twitter feed. There would have to be stronger limitations than in RIFT though as the achievement spam you can get when you forget to turn the setting off (waves hand in guilt) can quickly clog up your feed. I know Blizzard haven’t been keen on having the outside worldĀ integratedĀ into their game, but I think that this would be a nice addition.

Looking for Raid Goes old-school

If I’m honest, I’m actually surprised that this wasn’t implemented with the launch of the Looking for Raid feature. By using the LFR tool you’d be able to get into a group to do the old school dungeons. There would be no “third” or some cases “second” difficulty level, just the raid as it is. Ā This feature could be good for the achievement hunters or even those who don’t want to progress their levels before they see that levels set of raids (for instance, not progressing past level 60 until you’ve done Molten Core and Blackwing Lair). There wouldn’t have to be item level restrictions either, just get it out there.

You’ve reached max level? Great! Pick a bonus for your next alt.

I’m stealing this from a non-mmo, mainly the Call of Duty series, but wouldn’t it be lovely if once you got a character to max level you then had a choice of a short-term boost for your next character. What boost you had would be up to you. It could be 20% more XP, 20% more Honor or double profession points. They would come in the form of a non-trade-ableĀ flask that you could take atĀ any timeĀ during the levelling process (single use), and would have a 2-4 hour duration.

World of Warcraft Battlechest – Expanded

With Cataclysm now the highest expansions and Mists of Pandaria just around the corner, I think that it should be time that Blizzard added Wrath of the Lich King into theirĀ battle-chest. With new AAA MMO’s (Tera and Guild Wars 2 spring to mind) around the corner, and with other MMO’s being popular and established (RIFT and Star Wars – The Old Republic) I do believe that they need to bring the costs down for new subscribers (I would imagine they still get a few). Personally I don’t think that the recent price reductions (in Europe, I don’t know if they’ve hit America yet), are enough and that they need to take it one step further.

Thank you for reading.

  1. Ulbrecht says:

    AoE Looting: I like this idea. The closest we have at the moment is the Looterang item that (if I recall correctly) is made my Engineers.

    Cross-Continent Transfers: Won’t happen due to draconian European laws on software.

    LFR Goes Old School: Part of me wants this to happen. I can see this happening, but not for a while. They need to sort out the issues with the current LFR and will most likely cater for the end-game Pandaria content first.

    Bonuses for Alts: …we already have ridiculously overpowered heirlooms. We don’t need any more. :/

    BattleChest: Blizzard recently lowered the costs of Wrath and Cataclysm by a few Euros each. I would like this to happen, but I have my doubts.

  2. Talar13 says:

    I wish they would BOA recipes that are reputation based. I did the grind on my main, I don’t want to do it again on my alt.

  3. lordkaladar says:

    AoE loot, yes yes yes! They could even incorporate it into the Loot-a-rang. Sorry non-engineers!

    “Legacy” or other Bind-on-account perks once you’ve capped certain portions of the content would be good too. We have heirlooms already, so XP boosts are a dime-a-dozen, and the early leveling goes pretty fast even without it. Removing or reducing reputation grinds would be very nice.

    I would like to see all profession types go to a ‘daily’ like system, to remove the need to make dozens of worthless bobbles, or make the items/rewards a little more compelling. However, I wouldn’t want a 525+ grind to take you two years. at 1 point per day or anything obscene.

  4. Spot on! Might as well stop writing this post now, you covered most of it. So I’ll just Tweet it XD

    Goof write up!

    – Jamin

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