After my post of Favourite Android Games of 2011 a well-respected and regular commenter of mine questioned why I put authenticator’s and such in their own category at the bottom of the list. I tried to justify this but looking back he was totally right. These deserved their own post so here it is. Here are the mobile Android apps that compliment your PC gaming needs. Today I start with apps for World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Authenticator

 It took Blizzard a few years to improve the security of their World of Warcraft MMO game, but when they did they were widely congratulated for the way they did it, and rightly so. At first they released an authenticator key-fob which when linked to your account added an extra layer of security. As Android phones became more common place and the world of mobile apps took off, Blizzard released a mobile authenticator app. What this does is as you log into the game it will ask you for an authenticator number so you load up the app or look on the widget, see which eight digit code is generated and type that into the game. From there you can carry on punting gnomes in World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

 This app offers so much, and I appreciate that the iOS version has 3D model viewing, but who really needs that? As you can see this app allows you to view almost anything that you can think of to do with the game itself. If you pay for the premium remote access you can also access guild chat and create auctions too. It’s a wonderful companion to have when you can’t actually be at your PC.

WoW Azeroth Encyclopedia

 What’s the best way to describe this app? Think Wowhead and Atlasloot for your mobile. If you need to find something inside the world of Azeroth then this will more likely have it listed. Highly recommended.

WoW Droid Armory

 Before Blizzard got their act together and released an app of their own, this was the one you went to and used. It’s very smooth and a delight to use for looking at all things armory related for your character. Despite Blizzard having theirs out I would still recommended taking a look at this one too.

WoW Realm Checker

 Another app that has its own niche is the WoW Realm Checker and well, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to view which realms are currently up and even tells you the current population of both the realms and battle groups.

Ask Mr. Robot Gear Optimizer

 I’m sure by now most World of Warcraft players will have heard of Ask Mr. Robot. What you do is you load your armory into the app and it will go away find out the best optimizations for your current gear. It’ll advise you on what gems to use, what enchants to take and which stats you need to reforge. It’s the only one on my Warcraft list that requires a fee £1.21 at the time of posting, but it’s a very solid app to use.

So those are the apps that I have found useful for my World of Warcraft gaming. Coming up will be RIFT, SWTOR and other MMO and non MMO titles. Thanks for reading.

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