Android Apps That Compliment Your RIFT Gaming

Posted: 10/01/2012 in Gaming, Mobile
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 Yesterday I covered apps that you should consider downloading if you play the MMO “World of Warcraft” and today I would like to cover what I believe was the best MMO to have been released in 2011, RIFT.

Rift Mobile Authenticator

 Literally within hours of RIFT being launched, Trion released their mobile authenticator. When you load your RIFT launcher just enter your e-mail, password and whatever eight digit code the authenticator has generated. This adds an extra layer of security to protect your account from potential hackers.

RIFT Companion

 One of the oldest independent apps is the RIFT Companion. This app allows you to view official news posts, latest patch notes and to view the status of your shard.

RIFT Soul Tree Builder

 This is one of those apps that do exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you plot out where you will spend your points over the three souls that you would have selected.

RIFT Shard Status

 Whilst the RIFT Companion covers the status of your shard, the RIFT Shard Status app shows these in a bit more detail. If anyone wants a standalone app to check whether or not your shard is up, then this is one I recommend.

RIFT Forum Browser

 From the creator of “RIFT Companion” comes “RIFT Forum Browser”, this allows you full access to the RIFT community forums however to reply to a repost will still required you to fire up the web browser which you can do from the app itself.

RIFT Puzzles and Cairns

In the world of Telara there are hidden puzzles and secret cairns that when completed offer gold, titles and even items. The RIFT puzzles and cairns app will tell you where they are, how to get to them and how to solve them.


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