Android Apps That Compliment Your SWTOR & EVE Online Gaming

Posted: 11/01/2012 in Gaming, Mobile
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 In the last of my three part series I cover the apps that will compliment your gaming with the last AAA title MMO that was released in 2011. Star Wars – The Old Republic. There is also a brief section at the bottom covering EVE Online.

The Old Republic Security Key

 There is a reason why I put these at the top of all of my posts. The reason is because I don’t just think that these will compliment your gaming, I think that they are ESSENTIAL to your gaming. Well essential might be too strong a word, but I would definitely say that you are leaving your account vulnerable without one. What it does is that it adds an extra layer of security to your account so that when you log in you need to enter the code that is appearing at that particular time before it lets you continue.

SWTOR Holonet

The closest thing to having your own personal Holonet in your back pocket. Learn about the various Classes, People, StarShips, and Planets, that will exist the SWTOR’s universe. Whether you are aligned with the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire, fight as a Jedi or a Sith Lord, the Holonet is where you go to stay informed.

SWTOR Server Status

 One of those apps that do exactly what the name says. It will tell you the status of each of the realms in the SWTOR universe. It also gives you push notifications for when your server goes down, comes back and when the population level changes.

SWTOR Companion Remote

This app allows your to control your companion from your mobile device. This is an excerpt from their Android Market page.

Have you ever wished you could control your SWTOR companions while away from the computer? Do you long to keep up your crafting skills during your lunch break? Well now you can, Companion Remote Desktop (CRD) allows you to control your SWTOR Companion characters from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet.

EVE Online

Aura for EVE Online

Aura is an application for the EVE Online universe that lets you track your characters. You can also plan ahead thanks to the inbuilt database.

Evanova for Eve Online

Evanova allows you to browse through many aspects of your Eve Online pilots. You can follow your training queues, assets or markets orders at a glance and view information about the corporations your pilots are in. Or check the status of Eve Online servers.

EVE Industry Caluclator

The blurb from the Android Market page…

Calculate profits from manufacturing, ore refining, and ice refining on EVE Online (, based on character skills, blueprint ME/PE levels, and market prices. Supports market price lookup for products and materials using the EVE-Central ( API (prices are based on the Jita market).

Thank you for reading. As always comments are welcomed and appreciated.

  1. Nochecazador says:

    I have the authenticator and the holonet apps. I do find the companion app to be intriguing, but maybe a little to game connected for me. I would start interrupting my own day to much with it.

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