If I could turn back the WoW clock.

Posted: 12/01/2012 in World of Warcraft
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 On Sunday 8th January 2012, Bravetank posted a very excellent post “Regrets I have a few” where she basically talked about things that, as the title suggests, she has regretted doing during her time in World of Warcraft and whilst what I am going to write about won’t be as “deep” as what she’s been writing about I would still like to discuss what I would’ve done in WoW if I had my time again.

No Realm Hopping!

For the first 18 months of playing the game I spent the majority of time jumping from one new realm to another. As discussed here I used to love the new realm experience so every time Blizzard opened a new realm, I would be there. When I look back I can’t help but think that even though I enjoyed it, what could I have had achieved if I picked a realm when I first started playing in April 2005 and stuck with it?

Stuck With A Class!

I guess this one goes hand in hand with the above one. As I realm hopped I also class hopped. I tried numerous classes, mages, druid, warlocks, shamans until going back and settling with the mage. If I would have stayed on the one realm from the beginning I would’ve probably stuck with the same main. Again I wonder just far how I would’ve got with him.

Picked a Different Main

Now for those who know me, this might surprise some of you, but for a while now there is a part of me that wishes when I finally settled down on a server that instead of rolling a mage, I would’ve rolled a priest. I enjoy the healing aspect and would’ve loved to have had experienced both original WoW and TBC as a dedicated healer. I know things were tougher back then for healers to level up but I can’t help but feel that I missed out on an experience, and also one of the best quest chains that in my opinion there has ever been in the game. Anathema/Benediction!

Went to a “higher” guild in TBC

During the majority of The Burning Crusade I was in a Tier 4 raiding guild. Half the way through the guild’s lifespan it reached a crisis point where the majority of officers weren’t bothering and the people were either leaving or playing alts elsewhere. Instead of leaving myself I took it upon myself to grab the guild by the scruff of the neck and when the GM returned off holiday the guild was raiding strongly again and progressing through Karazhan. At that time I was pretty proud of this and thought I had made the correct decision. About a month later the GM got into an argument with a guild member and proceeded to inform us that he was disbanding the guild that evening, which he did. Looking back now I can’t help but think that if I had jumped ship with the majority of other people, I would’ve progressed through Tier 5 and 6 a lot sooner than I did and consequently would’ve seen more of the Sunwell Plateau.

No Faction Change!

About 9 months before Cataclysm was released I was extremely bored. My lax attitude towards raiding meant I had absolutely nothing to do and the Horde side, I thought, was boring the hell out of me. So I did some research and I joined Order of the Silver Dawn, a social/raiding guild that had been around since 2005. They were situated on the Arathor EU server but there was one thing. They were Alliance! By this stage I had it in my head that it was the faction that I was bored with and so I switched. At first I absolutely loved it. The higher population the change in scenery but slowly over time I started to miss the little things. The “moo’ing” of the Taurens, the sitting idly on top the Orgrimmar bank and I soon realised that it wasn’t the faction I was bored with, it was the fact that Darkspear EU on the Horde side was atrociously underpopulated. I’ve since rolled a Horde character on Cairne US so I can be on the same server as my other half (whose blog can be found here) and I’m enjoying it once again. I do miss the old Orgrimmar and I do miss Thrall as the Warchief, but other then that I must admit that being back on the Horde side feels like home.

Stop profession switching!

One of the most annoying things I find with my gameplay in World of Warcraft is that I’m a bugger of changing professions. One week I could be a miner and herbalist, the next week I could suddenly be a jewelcrafter and miner followed by a herbalist and alchemist. When I look back I think about how cool it would’ve had to have stuck a set of professions and made sure I got every single recipe in the game both past and present. I would’ve loved to have had recipes that you can’t get anymore or are now pretty rare (Molten Core enchants anyone?). If I had stuck with my mages original combination of tailoring and enchanting or maybe gone a completely different route and went engineering and mining. How awesome would a profession window full of every recipe had been? Who knows.

Final Thoughts

Whilst these aren’t major things, I do wonder that if I could go back to April 2005 with what I know now, exactly how different would my gaming in World of Warcraft had been? Would I had forced myself in to a high-end raiding guild in vanilla WoW and stuck with them even now or would I had gone completely the opposite way and shunned raiding altogether like I have now? Would I be the number one on the server at a particular profession, or would I still be a profession hopper? They are little things that I don’t sit back and think “I really wish I had not done that!” but they are things where I sit back and sometimes think “I wonder.”


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