Mini Lashing – Wrath of the Tabards!

Posted: 13/01/2012 in World of Warcraft
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A couple of days ago Bulidar, Lizzia and Palmetto_Rose were having a decision about this on Twitter. It’s been an issue for a while now in my opinion. You’ve reached exalted with one faction and need to start working on the next one, or you have X amount of tabards and need Y more for the achievement. You just have one problem though. Your bank and bags are already overflowing with stuff, even the void storage hasn’t made much difference for you as most of the things in your bank are unique and well you can’t store unique items in the void storage. So far Blizzard hasn’t told the public about any concrete actions about this, but here is what I think they should do and how to work around particular problems.

They should let you learn tabard like you can with mounts and companions. You can summon and dismiss them any time you like. Bulidar mentioned how the rep addition to the tabard might cause issues but surely there must be a way that when you activate the tabard from your “spell book” the reputation gain associated by that tabard also gets activated on your character.

The other issue is the same reason that Blizzard are using for not allowing tabards into the void storage, the “unique” status that they hold. My solution to this would be to treat tabards like certain recipe drops. As soon as you have picked up and learnt that particular tabard into your spell book then it will no longer appear on a vendor or drop from any mobs for that character. It works for profession recipes so why not for tabards? Surely that would keep the unique “status” of the tabard and stop people from being flooded with them.

What are you opinions on the tabard issue? Do you even think there is an issue? And what suggestions would put in place to solve it?

  1. Frazzld says:

    I really hope they do come up with a way to solve this, right now the number of tabards I have fill one of the bags in my bank, and I continue to get more, as I amass more factions at exalted. I think the spellbook idea is outstanding and would love to see it implemented. Maybe we need to harass Blizzard about it some more. …Bulidar

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