I was sitting in front of my laptop with nothing meaningful to write at this very moment and I thought, “why not give some other bloggers a shameless plug with their latest posts. So here we go! 🙂

Achievements Ahoy – Week 1 – The Very Light Sabre

Armed with good intentions, unbending resolve and invaluable support from you, my lovely readers, we come to the first Bucket List update. Thank you for all the comments and encouragement you left on the original post!

Bravetank – Regrets I have a few

I’ve been thinking lately about stuff I regret (I’m a happy soul – if I’m not beating myself up about things I’ve done in the past I don’t feel I’ve earned my ice-cream). Anyway it got me thinking about things I’ve done in WoW that I really really regret as well (yes real world regrets are not enough for me). There are three main ones. I don’t know if that is good (only three!) or bad (three- get off to the confession box at once you heinous sinner). I have no reliable sense of perspective about these things. So I’m going to lay out the three over the next three posts (bravely some might say –  I might lose all readers after this) and see what you think.

Bubbles of Mischief – Through Your Interface – 12

12. Inspiring Imagery
Show us something that inspires you within World of Warcraft. This can be a character, a person, scenery that leaves you in awe, or whatever it is that strikes a chord in you. The inspiration it creates can be anything as well: Has this character inspired you to roll a certain class? Does a certain zone make you long to write a story about your character adventuring through that particular area?

Dwarven Battle Medic – Encouraging Infidelity: On Burn-Out and Blood Bowl

When I was in high school, O those many years ago, my best friend and I would spend countless hours in my basement sitting on our billiards table playing games. It was an old, heavy commercial pool table, originally used in some bar somewhere, and very sturdy. We would sit on it—inadvertently destroying the felt in the process—and endlessly play a game that captured my imagination fully and completely. The game was Blood Bowl; a tabletop fantasy football miniatures game from Games Workshop. It was (and still is) a game of mayhem and bloodshed, all about the unfettered joy of bashing the living hell out of someone all in the name of good fun.

Mana Obscura – Pure DPS – The One True Class

Every so often I hear this argument crop up: character classes that can only deal damage shouldn’t exist in modern MMOs. Every class should instead be able to switch to tanking or healing, or possibly even both. The idea is that a shortage of any one of the three roles should be resolved by players switching over to fill that demand.

The Musings Of A MisfitChange of Heart

Liam tells me I’ve not been online to my Battle.Net account in nine days, and I’m a little surprised about this. I wasn’t aware that it was that long, I really thought it was shorter. I know that with Christmas and New Year- things were busy in both my personal life and my working life. But now things have calmed down, I’m just trying to relax I guess.

Psynister’s Notebook – SWTips : General Leveling

I’m getting ready to start posting some of the SWTOR leveling guides for each class, similar to what I’ve been doing with WoW for the last three years. But before I dive into those I wanted to go with a simple leveling guide that can be used as a general source for everyone. So today I give you tips for leveling in general. Things to keep in mind or consider for leveling your characters. I’m sure that by now everyone who has the game is already on the road to level 50 if they haven’t already reached it, so some of this may only be applicable to your alts.

Raimondas the Insane – Welcome, WoW Insider Readers

Anne Stickney over at WoW Insider shocked and surprised me by adding my feat to today’s Daily Quest posting and didn’t even let me know in advance.

Should’ve Rolled Horde – Very Minipost: 2012!

2012 is upon us and in a plan that makes me very smug with its cleverness my new years resolutions start today rather then the 1st. All the spare food from Christmas is gone and I’ve slept off all my hangovers so now the new year can begin!

If you have a blog about any subject and you want to shameless plugging the next time I do this post, then feel free to contact me on Twitter and I will get that done! Thank you for reading. 

  1. Psynister says:

    Thanks for the shout out, bud. 🙂

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