Mini Lashing – Musings of a Misfit has a new Design

Posted: 17/01/2012 in Blogs
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Now granted this is a shameless plug for my other halves blog, but it’s also because I genuinely like the design of the blog. I was on Skype with Nickie (Aka @Palmetto_Rose), whilst she was organising it and despite a few frustrations and set backs, she finally fix the problems and below is the finished article.

 I’m not just saying this, but I really like what she has done with it. It looks professional and considering this is using a free theme from WordPress I have to say I’m highly impressed, and I might have to have a look at how my blog looks in the coming days. If you want a personal blog that discusses subjects that are close to their heart (whether that is to do with technology or on a personal level), written in a very smooth and clear way, with points put across is a superbly friendly manner, then I highly recommend heading to You wont regret it! 🙂

  1. Nochecazador says:

    Very nice. I may due for a theme refresh once we get to the middle of the year.

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