Rift Mobile Application – Review

Posted: 02/02/2012 in Gaming, Mobile
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 Aside from the odd free week, weekend or month here and there I haven’t really played the massively multiplayer game RIFT, recently. It’s not that I find it boring, far from it. It’s best game that has been released that I have played in recent years. Despite the fact that I’m not playing at the moment a recent release from Trion Worlds caught my attention. “RIFT Mobile” (Scroll down to the bottom of the article for links to the application.)

 What is RIFT Mobile? Well it’s an application that is currently available on iOS and Android and it lets you log into guild chat, friend chat, view ongoing zone events and even gain free loot via “lootables”. Whilst this sounds all very good, and best of all, this entire service is FREE (as opposed to the World of Warcraft Armory, which isn’t a dig by the way), there are still improvements to be made to this service and as I go through the screens I will tell you about the “faults” that I have found so far. Remember though, this is still classed as “beta” and knowing Trion they are probably already working on ways to fix the issues that I will talk about. Right, let’s have a look at the app.

 This is the screen you will see when you first load up the application and it’s pretty self-explanatory. You just select the region where you CHARACTER is located. I say character because unlike other MMO’s you can play on North American and European shards with just the one account.

After choosing your region you are greeting by the login screen. You will notice that “Authenticator not required”. This on the whole is understandable as you can’t really do much to the character via this app. The only counter argument I would have is that you do have the ability to talk to guild mates and friends via the application so I would like a situation similar to what you see for World of Warcraft. If you have a Battle.net mobile authenticator on your phone and you try to do something that involves your character via the World of Warcraft armory app then the latter will talk to the former and get an authentication so that it can continue. Some sort of communication like this between the RIFT mobile authenticator and the RIFT Mobile app would be fantastic!

You’ve typed in your account details and next you are taken to this screen. It lists all your characters and lets you pick one to progress with. As you can see there is nothing much to say about this one, so we’ll move on.

After selecting your character you are taken to this screen. As you can see there are 5 tabs. “Contacts”, “Guild Chat”, “Guild Info”, “Zone Events” and “Lootables”. The application will automatically take you to the “contacts” tab as soon as you’ve chosen which character you are going to do this with. As with the guild chat, the contacts page allows you message anyone who is either currently in-game or who is also using this app. Guild info tells what you need to know about the guild. Now I must admit, as I cheekily only play during the free period at this moment in time, all three of the above screens are empty for me as you can see. I have heard however that people would like a little symbol to appear by their name in-game when they are using the mobile chat to stave off any confusion.

The “Zone Events” tab, is a section that tells you, well, whenever there are zone events going on. There you are, you are watching some random rubbish on TV or are just logging into RIFT and you take a look at the application and notice that there is an event currently taking place in Stonefield for example and off you go. What would be even more fantastic is if you could be told when there is an event starting/happening and as you can see in the above pictures the option is there for “notifications”, however just like your typical 18-year-old school leaver, just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean that it’s there to work and the notifications most certainly don’t work. There is no “oh it works every now and again” or “it works the once then won’t work again until you restart the application”, it just simply doesn’t work. Now I don’t know if this feature just hasn’t been enabled by Trion yet or if there is a major bug preventing it from working, but the issue is there so I had to mention it. Now, to the fun part of the app.

Lootables! What are lootables? Well they are basically scratch cards and you can have a maximum of 6 credits and you get one credit every hour. There are three scratch cards to choose from (pictures coming up), and if you match what the card tells you match then you get free loot in your mailbox. There are no catches, no “congratulations now go here and enter this code”. If you win something, you get it sent to you. It can be anything from Planarite to items of any quality. It really is a nice thing to have as who doesn’t like free stuff?

“Planar Invasion” you have to match three items in a horizontal row to win the prize in that row.

“Crafty Critters”. As it says it’s Tic-Tac-Toe (Or Noughts and Crosses), match three in a row to win a prize.

“Shinies!” This game seems to be the hardest as I am yet to win in this one. As you can see like this others you have match three of the same to win. It doesn’t have to be in any order and you win whatever you match up. The items are either “Green” or “Blue” quality which is probably why this “lootable” is harder to win from then the other two cards.

 This is all well and good, however there are two issues with this section and I will show you.

 Out of the two main bugs I can find with this section, this one is the most annoying. The cards are supposed to be lined up so you can press whichever one you want to do. However, on occasions they get bunched up like above, the scrolling across then will not work and you can’t click on the ones behind. Highly annoying.

 And finally it’s the above. Looks like I haven’t done anything? Wrong! I’ve pressed “play” on a lootable card. Now this is easily remedied as all you need to do is slide your finger anywhere on the screen and the card will appear, but you shouldn’t have to do that. The card should just appear.

 I understand that when the application was first released. Trion had some issues with Sony Ericsson phones (the first two versions kept on crashes), and some of the bugs I’ve described could have something to do with the above, although from what I’ve been reading they seem on the whole to be general bugs that if not everyone, then quite a few people experience. Like I said at the beginning of this post, bear in mind that this is still classed as being in beta and I have every confidence that Trion will fix the issues and over time will add more to the applications. All in all it’s a good application, not great, but good. I would give it 6 out of 10, which would easily rise up to 8 if they ironed out some of the gremlins.

The Rift Mobile application can be found here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.


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