Rampant cheating in Modern Warfare 3, Steam’s useless reporting system, and Infinity Ward’s neglect for the PC gamers.

Posted: 19/02/2012 in Gaming
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Cheating is rampant in Modern Warfare 3

 I’m a PC gamer, firstly I’d like to get that out in the open as it becomes relevant later on. I also enjoy the occasional on-line match in Infinity Ward‘s Modern Warfare 3. Now, I’m not going to claim I’m any good at it because on a scale of 1 to 10, I just plain suck, however never have I considered cheating. In an on-line game it’s pointless and all it shows is that you are absolutely useless and was probably conceived thanks to some illegal goings on between your own brother and sister.

 There I was this morning having a nice couple of death match games. The teams were fairly balanced and for the first three matches the scores were always pretty close (anywhere between a 100-500 difference), however on the 4th game a regular occurence happened. One player who joined the game suddenly had the ability to shoot through walls and get perfect headshots from the other side of the map without even having to look down his sight. This of course was someone who was using an “aimbot”

 For those who don’t know an “aimbot” is a programme that allows you to aim perfectly from anywhere on the map, these are commonly used in conjunction with other programmes that either allow you to shoot through walls, see where everyone is at anytime and basically make you into a killing machine with a reaction time quicker than myself when it’s time to go home after work. I’m not trying to “sex” this up as it’s lame, pathetic and only those who have the mental capacity of sprout participate in.

 After this I left that game and decided that this would be a something I could rant about in a post, so I tweeted

“And thanks to #MW3 I have an idea for a blog post. Now I just need evidence which on this game should take around 30 seconds to get.”

 Infinity Ward and most commonly Infinity Ward‘s Creative Strategist @fourtwozero on Twitter regularly tells people to report cheaters, however as I will show you that this isn’t always as easy as it seems. You see, on Steam people have a user account and then inside Modern Warfare 3 they have a completely different handle. When you see someone cheating you have no way to collaborate who is who is they are using a different in-game. As you will now see.

 So I started up a game of “ground war“, this is the biggest game where there are between 12 and 18 players who take part and the one that most often has the highest number of brother-sister born players. Within two minutes of started I was smacked in the face with a bullet that came from the other side of the map.

This “Donu” managed headshot after headshot, strafe run after strafe run. Now going by both Steam and Infinity Ward‘s advice I should go and report them so I bring up the player list inside the Steam “console”.

That is just a bit of the “current player” list that I was able to screenshot. Scrolling down and it’s the same result. Nothing, nada, zip. That player’s name wasn’t on the list. How am I meant to report someone who isn’t there. What should happen is that instead of seeing the player’s Steam username you should only see their in-game name. You should then be able to right-click and “report for cheating”. If the player gets a certain percentage, say 75% of the players report them, then they should be kicked from the game. Now because this wasn’t an option the cheater managed to rack up the following before I had enough and left the game.

Don’t get me wrong, when there are no cheaters I love the game, but do I think that this issue is dealt with a well as it could be dealt with? I think not. Do Steam and Infinity Ward do enough about cheaters in the PC version of the game? Not in a million years. The PC version is pretty much neglected in comparison to the console versions. Why do I make such an accusation?

It’s simple really. There is a DLC coming for the PC and PS3 version of the game that will bring extra maps to the table. You may have noticed that I left out the XBox 360 there, and there’s a good reason. It’s because they already have it. If it’s a temporary exclusivity deal then that in my opinion is wrong when the game was released on the same day across all platforms. Now whilst this also affects Playstation 3 owners, there is one issue that solely affects PC games.

Call of Duty : Elite. This is basically an online enhancement that brings you extra maps, brings you a stats page which can help you improve your gameplay and style. The following was take straight from the Call of Duty : Elite page.

Regardless of your skill, you can improve your game with deep strategies, and the custom stats analysis features of Call of Duty ELITE. Engineer your arsenal with in-depth weapons guides and customize your loadouts to sync right into the game. You can also develop tactical strategy with exclusive interactive maps, guide videos and detailed intel.

Now whilst this isn’t what I call and necessity and something that I would probably not use, it beggars belief how Infinity Ward has totally neglected the PC users on this, and it does make you think if they are willing to do this now, what other features would leave out of future Call of Duty games so that they can profit more on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 formats.

And that brings me to my final theory too. I wonder how much of the PC neglect is actually from Infinity Ward. It’s easy to blame them as they are the face of the game. I wonder how much is down to their parent company. A company so greedy that their own chief executive said that he wanted “to take the fun out of making video games”. The company that is of course called Activision. There is very little doubt in my mind that Activision had their greedy paws all over the decisions to give the DLC firstly to Xbox Live users and also to not give the Elite version of the game to PC users. That doesn’t mean the Infinity Ward can get off scott free. They too deserve to take a rap on the knuckles for this.

Can I see this changing in the future? Yes I can, but not in the way that I would want to change. If anything I can see the issue getting worse as game companies, like Hollywood with movies, refuse to try something radical, refuse to concentrate on the enjoyment aspect of the game and instead go for the big profits. I’ve already seen it happen with my beloved World of Warcraft, where publicly the mantra is still “things will be released when it’s ready”, when anyone who has played the game for a long time knows full well that it’s really “how can we get the most money”. The impression I get is that the majority of game companies see DLC’s, see “in-game shops” etc as a cheap and easy way to milk the playing population. In my opinion it’s a sad indictment at how not just the gaming industry but the entertainment industry as a whole seems to be going.

  1. naildriver says:

    i know how you fell i was in a team death match and the only player that wasnt cheating was me

  2. Interesting article… I play on PS3 but see the same thing going on and just thought it was coz I’m useless at the game. Doesn’t stop me coming back though 😀

  3. TurtleDoggin says:

    It’s mostly Mexicans… Mostly

  4. BoomerMMW says:

    Try pimply little 12 yo snots who are such underachievers that the only way they can play the game IS TO CHEAT

  5. Johan Struis says:

    the last few months the cheating on pc has really hit the fan
    i end up reporting 4-5 players an hour (if i can find them becouse they tend to have a different in-game name to prevent being reported) and i see no change in numbers, quite the contrary
    i consider myself a good player, and not a bad loser if the opponent shows skill, but i seriously consider to stop playing because of all this, it truely takes the fun out of the game

  6. […] in February I posted a blog about how there seems to be little done to tackle cheats in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3. Now as you can imagine it attracted some interest (and even with Black Ops 2 out, it’s still […]

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  8. albert says:

    I used to be an average player on MW2. That means that once every 5 games I would even stack up kill streaks like the pave low and end up with something like 23 kills and 8 deaths. But now on this MW3 I suck big time. I can see why…
    I think cheating on MW3 has increased dramatically compared to MW2. I wonder what do those players who do that think they win ? Do they expect a fricking price or something ?
    Anyways, I’m off this stupid game. I’m gonna try Battlefield 3 to see if I’ll have any better luck over there.
    However I would appreciate any comments if any of you guys had a similar experience with Battlefield ?

  9. Ron says:

    Mw3. Is the worst hacking-cheating game i have ever Played! From invisible players to guys twice as fast and powerful than myself! These hackers should be banned from ALL Online gaming as it is very frustrating to people that just want to have fun…..

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