D’aww! Cuteness is cute!

 So anyway! After posting what I thought were my favourite Gameboy games, I thought I would do the same for the PC. Now this one would be a bit more interesting for me to choose due to having played so many games over the years. But I think I have been able to pick my top 5.

5) Civilization 2

4) Wing Commander 4

3) World of Warcraft

2) Wing Commander 3

1) Championship Manager 2001/2002

This game at the top? For the sheer number of hours, days and years I spent on this game it has to be. Easily most addictive and fun football management game ever released in my opinion. The more modern ones might be more detailed, but in terms of getting the mix just right, I believe the words “nail” and “head” spring to mind!

Anyway! Those are my top 5 PC games. Honourable mentions also for Sensible World of Soccer, Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory, Civilization 3, Sim City 2000, Carmageddon 2, International Cricket Captain and many others that I have probably forgotten about. What are yours?

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