How I think the the build up to the Siege of Orgrimmar will happen and the next Warchief.

Posted: 19/03/2012 in World of Warcraft
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Hello there you big tosser.

 Unless you’ve been living in some far away country that doesn’t have access to modern technology (Antarctica, Scotland), you will have noticed that swathes of information of Mists of Pandaria is now in the open public domain. Now while there were various snippets that raised an eyebrow in a good way (AoE looting! Yay!), there is one that jumped out and said “HI! LOOK AT ME!”

 Taken from MMO-Champion

The final patch of Mists of Pandaria will be the Siege of Orgrimmar! Both factions lay siege to the city to bring Garrosh down and end his reign of Warchief

As someone who has been a member of the Horde and the Alliance, all I have to say is that it’s about time. When it was first announced that Garrosh was going to take over, almost the whole of the player base shook their head. I think Blizzard realised this and decided that instead of having him go out with a simple handover of power, there will be a full on fight to remove him, but why? I’m glad I asked!

My Theory


Varian and Anduin are on official Alliance duty in Pandaria. They are en route to speak to a Pandaren elder about strengthening ties, not forming an alliance as the Pandaren elders insist on being neutral, but a more open dialogue. This meeting doesn’t happen though as on their way the king and his son are attacked by unknown forces. Varian is killed and Anduin is left in a critical condition. With no clear line of succession it is decided that Jaina Proudmore who is still hurting from the destruction of Theramore be put in temporary charge until Anduin has recovered. Her first official order is to demand an investigation into how this happened. The results are that a secret order who only answers to Garrosh carried out the attack…


By now the horde is still around as faction but it is quickly become more and more splintered. The Darkspear Trolls are already thinking about breaking away from the horde, as are now both the Forsaken and the Taurens. The majority of the population of all Horde races would prefer a return to the old ways that Thrall brought. Vol’jin would love to take action but unfortunately he is somewhat preoccupied with the re-emergence of Gurubashi empire. That leaves Baine and Sylvanus. The horde trust Baine but don’t think he would have what it takes to be a warchief just yet and they respect Sylvanus but due to recent actions carried out by her forces the majority believe she wouldn’t be fit to be in charge either. You may think that Sylvanus would be infuriated by this I would press forward anyway, but someone is whispering into her ear, and she is listening.


With Jaina at the helm of the Alliance she decided that Garrosh must be stopped at all costs and thus orders her lieutenants to draw up battle plans to do the unthinkable. To assault Orgrimmar and kill the Warchief! Her military advisers tell her that would be a foolish act. The others might not stand by Garrosh but the orcs out of blood, and loyalty would stand in their way. She is quite disappointed by this as she knows that the majority of the Horde, even the orcs, don’t like his methods but most are too afraid to say anything. Reluctantly she’s about to call off the attack plans when she hears a rumour…


Hellscream has also heard these rumour too and fearing that he can’t trust most of the people in his factions, and with discontent on the street growing, he places Orgrimmar under Marshall Law. Anyone who he doesn’t fully trust is kicked out and both Thunder Bluff and Undercity are named as the capitals of the Horde rebellion. Baine and Sylvanus both decide that Orgrimmar should be returned to its natural place at the centre of the horde and decide that the only way to achieve this is to take out Garrosh. The rumour grows amongst the general public.

Who is it?

Who is this rumour? Is it Thrall? No. As the aspect of the earth and new father he has enough on his plate. Is It Vol’jin? No as I said he is too preoccupied at the moment with the growing Gurubashi threat. So who is it? Who you have the respect of Baine and who would Sylvanus listen too? Who could unite the horde as one (even the orcs) and convince them that action is best? Who would Jaina feel that she can talk to on the horde side, who can she feel she can negotiate an uneasy truce with? Who would be seen as an ally to Thrall who both sides know would value his morals and try to things his way albeit with a much stronger fist?

Personally I think that this all set up perfectly for one orc to return. Someone who we haven’t seen since Northrend. Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you …… High Overlord Saufang!


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