3D Badminton – Android Game Review

Posted: 12/04/2012 in Gaming, Mobile
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Firstly may I apologize for the quality of this review. I realise it isn’t great but it’s my first attempt at reviewing a game, so feedback (friendly or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated!

Back in the day when I used to be at school, I used to love to play badminton. Now jokes about Neil’s dad aside (those who have seen the Inbetweeners will know what I mean there), I used to think it was a great sport. I would spend 3-4 hours a day playing it. After school though for some strange reason I stopped playing but always kept a fondness about the sport.

On one my random nights of opening up my laptop and having hunt through the Google Play website (it should still be the Android Market, but that’s a previous debate!), I found this little game from Game Colt Studio called “3D Badminton”. It only had 3 stars out of 5 on the ratings but those ratings can be worthless sometimes so I downloaded it anyway.

So what do I think of the game? If I had to choose one word, just one word of utmost descriptive skill, I would have to say … “Meh!”

 Where do I start? When you get a rally going the game is wonderful and smooth, however the serving is utterly atrocious. You see on the above video that I hit the net a lot when it’s my turn to serve, and that’s not me being light either. I’m swiping as hard as I can and still I struggled to get the shuttlecock over the net. On other occasions you can swipe the screen fiercely and it’ll go out of play at the back of the court, other times you could be in the exact same position, in the exact same situation, use the exact same shot, and it’ll fall comfortably in the middle of the court.

I don’t know if others have had the same issues, but for me, I found the control that you have over your shots to be very limited. Sometimes it feels like I almost have to put my finger through the screen to get a shot over the net, other times it feels like I should have just tickled it with a feather.

As for the graphics? Now these I like! I’m not one to go for “the more realistic, the better”, and in this case I do like the back in time style of the characters. With some refinement of the gameplay I think it could be a very fun app, but for now I have to say that 3 stars on the Google Play store is one star too many.

It can be found here on the Play Store and it’s free so that’s one good thing 🙂


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