SWTOR give free month of game play – Intent = Good, Application = Wrong

Posted: 13/04/2012 in Gaming
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I don’t normally comment on MMO news but this piece of news grabbed my attention. With the release of the 1.2 patch, Bioware are giving 30 days free game time to those who are level 50. They say it’s to reward their “support and loyalty”.

Now I have an issue with this. Bioware are presuming that you are only loyal and only support the game if you are level 50. This is no true. You could have been playing since day 1 and only have a Sith Sorcerer at say level 35. Some people level slowly, others don’t have time to play the amount that has been required so far, whilst others would have been playing since day 1 and have spent all their time realm-hopping and trying new classes. Just because a player isn’t max level does not mean that they aren’t loyal or offering support to the game.

I can only speak from experience, but for my first 18 months of playing World of Warcraft I never had a level 60 character. I spent all my time rolling alts and trying out different realms, but that didn’t make me any less supportive of the game. Back then I still played constantly, more than most people but without a max level character. Did that make me any less supportive or loyal to the game? No, of course not. I just liked the starting to mid-level parts of the game, as well as the new realm feeling so I decided to stay in that part of the game.

I can understand that Bioware want to reward players, but I don’t think they should have based the reward according to what level your character is. In my opinion they should have based on when the player subscribed and if they have been a constant player since then. The intent of this free month is noble and right, but the application of it in my opinion is wrong.

  1. Morrigu says:

    That is such bull. I preordered the game, and have paid my sub each month since, but earlier this year my working hours changed so I can’t play as much. Add to that playing each class to mid teens to work out which I liked best I’m nowhere near lvl 50. But I’ve paid my money the same as those who have, and played when I can, yet I’m not loyal as I allow real life to get in the way. Poor Bioware, very poor.

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