Favourite places to “park” in WoW?

Posted: 25/04/2012 in World of Warcraft
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We’ve all had them (well I hope we all have or I’m just a sad case). I’m sure people have had the odd one or two places they used to, or still do go to when parts of World of Warcraft is doing your head in. You want to get away but don’t really want to log out. You want some chill out time so you find a nice place and relax there.  Here are my two favourite places for when I used to play WoW all the time and things got too much but I didn’t want to log out.


On a mountain just north of Everlook. I would sometimes spend a few minutes here (pre-Azeroth flying). As you can see, the view isn’t too bad at all 🙂

My mouse must have been hiding in Darkshore somehow 😀


On one of the first of the floating islands you reach when you come out of Shattrath. Looks over brilliantly my favourite zone in the whole of The Burning Crusade

What are/were your favourite places to take a time-out in WoW?

  1. Lord Kaladar says:

    I like to park WAY up on top of the floating spire in Dalaran. Can look down at the island city, Crystalsong, and into Icecrown. I’ll try to snag a screenshot for you sometime.

    • guillinuk says:

      I used to go up there, mainly to see if I could slow fall into the Alliance part of Dalaran when I used to be horde without being teleported back out.

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