And some companies wonder why they struggle?

Posted: 13/05/2012 in General, Technology

Now I try not to criticize companies when I can help it. You never know when they might come back to bite you, however I felt that this one deserved a rant. They are called Cash Generator and their name speaks for themselves. What they do in store they do well and this isn’t what I’m about to write about. Instead what I’m about to write about is their awful website.

You go to their main page and you think “well that looks very well done”

The issue appears to be when you start to look at how things look. What do I mean? Well there seems to be no central template and the products can appear under any spelling. Here are two examples.

The HTC Flyer is an Android tablet that didn’t really take off. Despite this however I’m not sure that using it as something to eat off will improve its popularity.

But wait! It gets better. Say I want to search by brand. Let’s say I want to look for a nice Samsung Galaxy S2. That shouldn’t be an issue right?


 Seriously it’s terrible. Even “Smaubng” is meant to be Samsung. I’m not here to pick on people’s spelling but as a company if you’re going to have a website like this, at least create a template so stores can put their products in the correct categories and so the consumers can find them? To me the above just makes the place feel like an amateur shop. I could create a better sub-menu in my basement, if I had a basement, but you know what I mean.

Hope I didn’t come across as too critical about it, as the saying goes “don’t like it, then don’t go there” but that isn’t the point. Mistakes like this that aren’t corrected just look amateurish and just makes things harder to find if you’re a consumer who just happens to be browsing. It could be sales lost and I’m amazed that it has been picked up on yet.


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