“Pinch to zoom” in text messages on Android

Posted: 12/06/2012 in Mobile, Technology
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 Now I’ve been using Android ever since the G1 made its debut over here in the UK, and until now I did not know the following was possible. I had just sent a text message and put my phone down to watch some more Euro 2012, and when I picked the phone up I noticed that the font of the text messages appeared larger. After a little play it turned out that you can “pinch to zoom” inside your text messages and the font will get larger if you separate your fingers and smaller if you bring your fingers in to each other (the same way in which you would inside the internet browser).

 I don’t know how long this feature has been in Android phones and I don’t know if this is available on all phones that have been butchered with skins but I’ve only just discovered it and thought I would share it.

Doesn’t really show anything but the font on my phone is now smaller then it normally is.

  1. Can’t seem to do that on Gingerbread. Cool find.

  2. solarheat says:

    I found that HTC works but not Samsung and Huawei.

  3. FreeGSMPlus says:

    a single input point applied to the touch-sensitive display that is interpreted as the scroll operation and two or more input points applied to the touch-sensitive display that are interpreted as the gesture operation

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