Suspending For Being Critical? Why This Is Dangerous Territory for Twitter

Posted: 31/07/2012 in Social Media
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I think that Twitter is in dangerous territory with what they’ve done over the last 24 hours. For this who don’t know they banned a harsh critic of NBC coverage of the London Olympics.

The official line for the suspension is that he tweeted the head of NBC’s personal email address and this is against the terms and conditions of Twitter. This would all be well and good apart from, from what I have seen, is that the email address wasn’t personal at all, and is his NBC business address.

What’s makes this while situation even more murky is that Twitter and NBC signed up to have a joint partnership during the Olympics. Now to me I think this is Twitter abusing its power for the sake of its own business ventures. By banning this journalist, they are trying to send a message to everyone else. The only problem is, if someone pisses a group of people off, where do these people go to complain and gather more support? That’s right. Twitter.

Now I love to Tweet, but they’ve scored a massive own goal with this and they must realise this now. Twitter needs to realise that it’s a form of communication nowadays and in my opinion it must stay fully open.

  1. Censorship by Twitter will always be murky ground unless the masses agree. Like you stated though, what was posted was public information, and being partnered with NBC makes this censorship scary.

    It’s too is a good thing we have Google+, blogs, forums, and that thing called Facebook. Twitter is not the only game in town.

    • guillinuk says:

      Facebook doesn’t really appeal to me to discuss things. It’s fine if you want to share a photo album or two but beyond that it doesn’t appeal to me. Google+ on the other hand has been growing on me again in the last month however, it doesn’t have the reach of the other two. I’m the only person I know who uses it.

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