Team GB? Not for everyone.

Posted: 01/08/2012 in Sport
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I’m writing this post as it’s something that has started to bug me during the Olympics and it will come across as a rant, but so be it.

Team GB covers the nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and you would think that the population within those nations would fully support the Great Britain side, and on the whole you would be correct. The majority of populations have got behind the team but their are a minority of small minded and petty people out there who won’t support them as they are not England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

I’ve seen it from people in all the four nations and it’s just pathetic. The media doesn’t help either. After Great Britain secured a famous 1-0 victory against Brazil in the women’s football the commentator interviewed Kim Little and said the following..

You are the only footballer in both the men’s and the women’s team to represent Scotland. How do you feel about that?

Little replied with a simple comment but one that is so true.

I’m not here representing Scotland, I’m representing the whole of Great Britain

And that’s a fantastic reply. While some people are possess an inferiority complex whichever of the four nations they are from, the athletes and the majority of the British population are intelligent enough to realise that during these games we are all as one. We aren’t English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish… We are British.

For those who still hold firm against this notion, please go and grow up. Thank you.

  1. Benjamin says:

    I really hate this too. I have a relative who, whenever a commentator on the TV says something like: “that’s another medal for Britain”, will yell at the TV: “that’s another medal for England”.

    Petty and small-minded are exactly the words that come to mind.

    I just can’t understand it. To me it seems as strange as an American saying: “that’s not a medal for America, it’ a medal for the State of Maryland” whenever Michael Phelps wins.

    Any theories on where this attitude comes from?

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