After a lull, Telford Shopping Centre gets some stores of interest.

Posted: 28/10/2012 in Technology, Telford
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Firstly I will admit that this post will have very little interest for those outside of Telford, but I felt like I wanted to write a little something about it.

For a long time now, for me at least, the Telford Shopping Centre has been pretty stale in terms of new stores. Granted it feels like there is one opening every week, but normally it’s either another clothes shop or a coffee shop. We have had the major phone companies in there (and the Carphone Warehouse and Phones-4-u) and a Game/Gamestation for a long time but apart from that nothing really new has popped up.

That has changed recently thanks to one store opening and another on its way, also an old favourite is currently in the middle of receiving a brand change.

New Stores

The first store which has opened is one that I’ve been hoping would open up for a long time in the town, CeX. It’s a second-hand store that sells gadgets, phones, games and media. The only problem is now that it’s opened I am having the same issue I have when I visit my other half in Derby. Whenever I walk past it I just HAVE to pop in and see if they have anything new that I can spend money that I don’t have on.

The other store that at the time of writing hadn’t been opened yet is a store called Stormfront. Stormfront is an official Apple retailer, similar to KRCS and the like. This is a pretty big store for Telford as we have never had anything like this and as someone who has recently been convinced that Apple hardware and especially iOS is the way to go, this is a big opening for me and will be very popular in the town itself.

An old favourite being rebranded

As most of you will know GAME had a pretty rough beginning of the year. On the verge of bankruptcy they had to close hundreds of GAME and GAMESTATION stores before a buyer was found at the eleventh hour. They seem alright now and the company is currently in the process of converting all their GAMESTATION stores in to GAME stores. The one in Telford has already been changed (apart from the sign outside of the store which I’m sure will be changed soon).

I know this isn’t a big deal for most people and I know that for others they won’t understand why I’ve chosen to write about this, but with everything moving to the nearby retail parks or moving away altogether, we haven’t really had anything since Dixon’s closed years ago. As a tech and gaming geek, these new stores are a welcome addition to the centre.


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