HotUKDeals releases an official app.

Posted: 29/10/2012 in Apps
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HotUKDeals is one of my favourite websites around. Basically whenever some sees what they consider to be a bargain either online or on the high street, they take to this website and they post the deal. People then vote on whether they think it’s a good deal (hot) or a bad deal (cold).

It’s a blessing and a curse as you get some good deals off the website, but then again you spend more money as you buy more shiny things. Anyway for a long time now we have had to rely on unofficial apps, and whilst these have been sufficient (the Android equivalent more so and the iOS versions have felt lacking), we now have an official app.

The app lets you look at deals, search for deals that are near you, share a bargain, view your most recent activity and you can even set up deal alerts. With deal alerts you enter a keyword or keywords and when they are posted as a deal you will get a push notification telling you so.

For those who like to grab stuff on the cheap, the website has always been important in my opinion, but now with an app to accompany the site, you can now wave goodbye to your money on the move whilst looking at all the new shiny things you have been able to acquire.

The HotUKDeals app is available for iOS and Android.

“Read the rest of the story” for screenshots.



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