Bad Parenting and Game Buying

Posted: 15/11/2012 in Gaming
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I currently work for a well-known retailer and what gets me is the amount of bad parenting I see. A prime example of this is what I was told by one person who was buying the new Call of Duty game.

“I’m so glad that you have Call of Duty in stock because if I went home with out it my nine-year old will kick up such a fuss after school

I’m sorry? Can you say that again? You are buying your NINE year old an 18 rated game and you are worried about how they might react?

How about this. Stand up, be a parent and use a two letter word. NO.

Call of Duty and other games that are similar are 18 and 18 for a reason! What gets me is that the parents who buy their kids these sort of games will be the first people who will turn around and blame game should their children do anything.

Word of advice. Look in the mirror, grow a backbone, tell your children NO if they aren’t supposed to have something and act like a responsible parent.

But all my friends have it!

That’s not a reason to buy it for your child either. If all their friends jumped off a cliff, would you let your son or daughter follow? Of course not!

The gaming industry can only do so much. It’s up to the parents to do the rest, and unfortunately quite a few don’t play their part.


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