Did they just say that?

Posted: 19/12/2012 in Offbeat
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Be stupid @ Amsterdam

Be stupid @ Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As someone who works in retail and who commutes daily on buses, and weekly on the trains, I never fail to be amazed at just how some people even manage to get out of bed in the morning, so I thought I would start a series on what I hear people say.

Customer 5:45pm Christmas Eve 

This was a few years back, but bear in mind the day in which is happens.

Me – How can I help you?

Customer – I would like to make a complaint.

Me – I’m sorry to hear that, what is the complaint.

Customer – You have no fresh vegetables or turkey left

ME – …

Customer – Well?

Me – It’s 5:45 on Christmas Eve, we close in 15 minutes. What do you expect?

VCR Players!

Me – Alright there

Customer – Where are your video players?

Me – I’m afraid that we stopped selling them a few years ago

Customer – Why?

Me – They are obsolete I’m afraid.

Customer – They aren’t obsolete, I still use them!

Woman on Train

Woman – I’d like the cheapest ticket to Telford

Conductor – That’ll be £9.40

Woman – I don’t have £9.40

Conductor – Then I’m afraid you’ll need to get off at the next station

Woman – But I want to get off at Telford

Conductor – Then you’ll need to pay £9.40

Woman – But I don’t have £9.40

Conductor – I’m sorry but you’ll have to get off at Wolverhampton then.

Woman – I’ll pay you £6

Conductor – It’s not negotiable

Woman – How about £7?

Conductor – You can’t haggle the price.

Woman – I don’t have anymore

Conductor – How about that £10 that’s in your hand?

Woman – I need £3 for the bus when I get to Telford so I can see my friends.

(In the end another woman gave her £3 to get to Telford. Before anyone starts to feel sorry for the woman in question, I should mention that she was totally drunk)


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