iPad Mini? You’re mine!

Posted: 02/02/2013 in Technology
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When the iPad mini was announced I mocked it, and mocked it heavily. “Oh it’s just a shrunk down iPad 2” and “listen to the PPI on that thing, that’s rubbish compared to the Nexus 7.” On paper that last comment is true, but hardware doesn’t always mean the best experience. Don’t me wrong, as a device the Nexus 7 is a beautiful piece of kit, but there are some underlying features that irritate me.

As many of you will know (for those who follow me on Twitter (@Guillin)), you will know that for three years my phone of choice was an Android phone. In August 2012 my HTC Evo 3D broke and my other half said that I could have her spare iPhone 4S. I was reluctant at first due to my “allegiance” to Android, however after I started to use it I was impressed with pleasant the keyboard is (yes I’ve used Swiftkey on Android but you shouldn’t have to download a new keyboard to get a usable one), however this wasn’t the biggest thing I notice.

The biggest thing I noticed was the apps, and quality of them. They are just better optimised on iOS. When I compared the same app on the two platforms, lets say Facebook for the sake of it, I found that it ran smoother on Apple’s offering. On other apps it was like the devs paid more attention to details on iOS. When I compared iOS premier Twitter client, Tweetbot with, at the time Androids greatest offering, Plume, the difference was massive. Even Google’s own apps are a joy to use on Apple’s devices.

This got me thinking. Having currently owning a Nexus 7 could I see myself switching to an iPad? The answer was yes. There are more tablet optimised apps on iOS then on Android, and there’s that greater feel of polish to it. Yes you can’t customise on iOS (I do miss live wallpapers and widgets), but losing them was a price worth paying for a more pleasant experience.

Now I’ve made this decision, which iPad to get? My other half used to have an iPad 2, but I don’t like that size of tablet, so yesterday we popped into KRCS in Derby to check out the mini. The form factor was perfect for me, a little bit bigger then the Nexus 7 but still very comfortable to hold. The specs while not top of the range were still good enough (and in performance comparisons in Carphone Warehouse it went toe to toe with the Nexus) and then we came to the biggest complaint amongst people. The screen.

If you browse the Internet you will see people complain that it isn’t a retina screen. I fully accept that it was a clear ploy by Apple so that the iPad Mini 2 will have Retina but after viewing text, photos, games and videos on it, I didn’t see a problem with the screen. Sure really small text can be a bit “squarer” then on screens with a higher density but it doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

With the decision made I took a journey to the Three shop and viola. I am now the owner of an iPad Mini and so far after 24 hours of use, I have no regrets in my purchase.


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