Netbot now free!

Posted: 02/02/2013 in Apps, Mobile, Social Media
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App.Net (or ADN) is a social media platform that launched in 2012. You do have to pay for it (currently $5 a month or $36 a year) however with this comes guarantees. ADN will stay developer friendly, won’t use apps and your details won’t be sold on. This sounds the opposite of another social media platform doesn’t it?

I still love Twitter don’t get me wrong, however ADN also has its own place (they’ve started to ramp up the free one month trials too), there has just been one issue. You can get a free trial but unless you go to the website, there was not really an option to try out the social media platform without purchasing an app. There is AppNet Rhino but that doesn’t exactly set the world alight.

A couple of days ago however, Tapbots, the creator of the best iOS Twitter app, Tweetbot, decided to make their iPhone and iPad versions of Netbot completely free. This set off some controversy as Tapbots are being accused of doing this solely for money reasons as they will get a larger share of the “prize pool” that ADN give out each month, and whilst this maybe true it will also benefit the community as a whole.

The reason for this is that, lets say someone gets a free trial for ADN, they go to the App Store and search for suitable apps, they suddenly spot that Netbot is free. Now having been familiar with Tweetbot, Netbot is virtually just a port, but its a port that works really well and to have a top quality app like that free can only be good to get people to stay.

In my opinion the best ADN app on iOS is still Felix but if you don’t want to pay for an app after already paying for the subscription or you don’t want to pay for an app whilst being on the free trial (Felix also is not optimised for the iPad) then you really can’t got wrong with Netbot.


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