GAME “Farewell to Wings of Liberty” Tournament

Posted: 22/02/2013 in Gaming, Starcraft 2
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 About a month a go I noticed a post on Google+ where UK Game retailer, GAME was asking those in the UK what their opinion was of E-Sports after linking an article from the Guardian about the Blizzard World Championships. An interesting (in my opinion) discussion arose and the impression that I got from them is that they are genuinely interested in E-Sports and developing E-Sports in the United Kingdom. Low and behold today the good folks from GAME sent me some new on Google+ that for the next few weeks they will be hosting an amateur Starcraft 2 tournament.

Read below for the information from their Facebook page. (TLDR? Non-professional Starcraft 2 player? Fancy a tournament? Carry on reading)

**Sign up and rules at**

At GAME we love our PC gaming just as much as on consoles – so, we thought we’d throw a celebratory tournament to mark the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm!

In our “Farewell to Wings of Liberty” tournament, we’ll be teaming up with Multiplay, Razer, and other top people in the scene to see off StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in style, and the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be throwing a 512 player tournament in association with Multiplay for UK StarCraft II gamers, with 3 nights of knockout action over those weeks reducing the field to two finalists.

Each week will have live video content commentated and streamed on GAME’s new Twitch TV channel, and video highlights will also be available on GAME’s YouTube channel. The hosts for live coverage will be none other than UK Starcraft casters Adam “Madals” Simmons and Robert “Pughy” Pugh, both bringing their many hundreds of hours of Starcraft 2 commentating experience to add both insight and flavour to the competition!

The top two players will receive selected expenses and be invited to London to play their final

at the venue at London Barcraft’s Heart of The Swarm launch event on March 11th. The final battle will be played out on the night in front of a live crowd, before celebrating the launch of Heart of The Swarm with the UK StarCraft community watching Blizzard’s official live stream!

The two finalists and top placing players will walk away with prizes ranging from Razer’s officially- licensed StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm range, GAME reward points and other top prizes to be confirmed…

Whatever your experience, why not give it a go? To encourage an environment where everyone can get involved , we’ve closed the tournament to professional entries on this occasion, and with additional spot prizes available for both Sportsmanship and Plays of the Tournament there’s a chance for everyone to win something!

See below for signup details, tournament schedule and where you can watch the action.

See you on the battlefield – we hope you’ve constructed additional pylons!

StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm is available for pre-order at GAME in Standard and Collector’s Editions both in-store and online here –

**The GAME Community Team**

Sign up to play here!:

BinaryBeast –

Watch the action on:

GAMEdigital –

@GAMEdigital on Twitter –

Play Schedule:

DAY 1:

MONDAY 25th Feb

7pm First Round (Best of 3 Maps)

8pm Second Round (Best of 3 Maps)

9pm Third Round (Best of 3 Maps)

TUESDAY 26th Feb

7pm Fourth Round (Best of 3 Maps)

8pm Fifth Round (Best of 3 Maps)

9pm Sixth Round (Best of 3 Maps)

MONDAY 4th March

7pm Seventh Round (Best of 3 Maps)

8pm Eighth Round Match A (Best of 3 Maps)

9pm Eighth Round Match B (Best of 3 Maps)

Monday 11th March

GRAND FINAL at the Assembly House London for the HEART OF THE SWARM LAUNCH. Best of 7.

Now personally I think that this is fantastic. Non-professional tournaments created and/or sponsored by some big UK brands is just what the (still young in the UK) e-sport sector needs. It’s alright having the big guns showing themselves again and again, but what makes any sport thrive, is the grass-roots and tournaments like this are great. I’m sure if GAME get positive feedback from this then they would look into future Starcraft 2 (and other E-Sports) tournaments.

Go on, sign up! It’s about time!




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