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No goblins were harmed in the making of this post

No goblins were harmed in the making of this post

For anyone who follows me over on Twitter they will have known that over the last few months since I returned to a part-time role in World of Warcraft that I fell out of “love” with my mage. Whether it was because I got bored with casting, or because I don’t like the way that Blizzard are taking the Mage class, but I was wondering if my return was short-sighted. Would I enjoy myself on the mage? Would I find another class? Or would I quit once more?

In short? The answers to those three questions were no, yes and no.

By ditching the mage after just over 7 years I found a class I now enjoy, hell it’s even melee! Yes it’s a fond farewell to Guillin and hello to my Tauren Monk, Straxxia. Why monk? Well it’s quite simple really. I enjoy it. It’s not like other melee classes. Other melee classes I find to be utterly boring and tedious, but with the monk I find every attack to be fun, from the animations to the pretty numbers.

With the new class, came a new guild. My other half recently switched her mage to horde and I decided to follow. I faction changed my human monk to a tauren monk (because “Moo” right?) and joined “The Royal Kilted Yaksmen” on Arathor EU. It’s one of those guilds where there is absolutely no pressure to do anything, which is utterly fine for me. I no longer have the time to commit myself so having a chilled out guild is perfect for me.

Don’t get me wrong. “Order of the Silver Dawn” on the Alliance side of Arathor EU is still a cracking guild, but it is definitely nice to be back on horde.

Apologies if this post is all over the place. It’s been a while since I blogged properly so might take a post or two to get back in the swing of things :).


Part 2 of my guest post on the wonderful Trollish Delver website has been made available.

Once again I’d like (once again) to thank Scott for the opportunity to write for him

The post can be found here


Today I had the honour of writing for Scott Malthouse and his website “The Trollish Delver“. It’s in two parts with the second coming up tomorrow.

The post is called – “Guest Post: Who can be counted as a casual MMO gamer? (Part 1)

I want to thank Scott for the opportunity to write for him and if you’d like to follow him on Twitter or offer your writing services to him then I’ve included his Twitter handle after the break.


Blizzard Europe
have just announced that their World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft Risk games are now available to pre-order in the United Kingdom from GAME. They are both retailing at £29.99.

I was hoping to give you the posts from Blizzard but I’m getting a wonderful four-oh-four when I try to follow the link from MMO-Champion, so here is what GAME has to say about them 🙂


Since installing Windows 8 a couple of days ago, World of Warcraft was working perfectly fine. This was until 5.0.5 was implemented, then every time I went to play WoW it’d log into game then constantly crash back to desktop with the following message :

NVIDIA windows kernel mode driver XXX.XX has stopped working, but recovered

Thinking this was going to be a major issue I thought I had made a mistake to upgrade. Luckily Blizzard posted a temporary solution that has fixed it for me and doesn’t seem to impact the game at all.



For those who still play World of Warcraft (and there are millions of you), it’s been a pretty terrible content wise. I don’t think that I’ve seen such a long period where Blizzard have not released anything. (Even in Wrath they released a “filler” patch prior to Cataclysm. It looks like finally you guys only have to wait two more months.

Blizzard have announced that Mists will be released on September 25th. Now I say “only two more months” because a big prediction that was doing the rounds was that it could be an October release, but alas. On the 25th September you will be able to set sail to Pandaria, roll a monk, battle with your pets and become a panda.

It’s highly unlikely that I will get it straight on release. It’s only two days after my 28th and two days before I travel to London for Eurogamer. If I do get it, it’ll be in October and that’s still a big “if” as I haven’t really touched the game since Christmas.

Needless to say though. For those who are still totally hooked on the game or for those with still passing interest in WoW will have welcomed the announcement today.